Monday, February 29, 2016

Quite an Adventure!

Hello everyone!

This week has been quite the adventure!

Tuesday we drove from Clinton, MS to Shreveport, LA. with 2 other missionaries to our new areas.  It was only like a 4 hour drive..... It was pretty bad weather too.  It was raining so hard aaaannnnndddd we almost died.  So this semi was in the left lane going super slow and we sat behind him for a second and then he didn’t get over so I got over and was going to pass him but then he started getting over and I was almost right next to him.  It was almost really, really bad.  Luckily I am like the best driver ever so I was able to avoid him. So that wasn't to fun haha.

Wednesday we had district meeting and after that we went to the doctors office for Elder Lovells shin. He has a stress fracture in his tibia.  Then we went to a lesson and I was able to meet Tom.  Tom had a baptismal date for March 5. We met with him and he told us that he wanted to move his date back because he had drank some wine, we were able to teach him about the atonement and how we aren't expected to be perfect. It was a good lesson and we were able to help him move forward and still want to do his baptism on Saturday.

Thursday we did some service. After the service we went and taught a lady named Nadine, it was pretty funny she cussed a lot haha. Despite that she had some pretty good questions!

Friday we made stewardship calls which took 4 hours. Then we went to visit Brother Seay. He is pretty funny and runs a travel agency from home so if anyone wants to go on vacation call him. He can hook it up haha! We also saw another family, the Parks, they were funny too haha. They have 4 little kids who were all super hyper. It was a fun night!

Saturday we got a call from Tom and he told us that he wanted to talk to us so we went over to his house. When we got there we kind of new it wasn't going to be good, so we sat down and he started talking to us and just told us that he was done and wanted to go back to his old church. He said that he couldn't live the lifestyle. Its always sad when people who are so close just back out. He was so close and even had given up everything(wine and such) for 3 weeks but he didn't want to continue anymore. He had been coming to church for a year.  I guess I am just bad luck! haha.

Sunday we went to church and had a great day planned for after. During Priesthood we announced that we needed 2 people to come out on splits with us for an hour after church, after a long pause haha we got our 2 volunteers and were ready to go. We went to see our appointments and backups that we had planned and we knocked on 16 people doors and didn't teach anyone............ So there went our awesome day. But after that Brother Osburn told us that they had been talking with their neighbors about the gospel and that they wanted us to come over and talk to them. So we went over and had a pretty good talk with their neighbors and we invited them to read form the Book of Mormon! Hopefully they will! The Osburns are awesome. They were baptized about 1 year ago in May. Their testimony's are so strong and their conversion story is so awesome. You can tell they truly love the Lord and His Gospel. After that we went to a meeting with the STL's and set goals with them. So it ended up not being such a bad day!

I am doing good. This week has been pretty different. Elder Lovell is awesome but its been hard to do a lot of work because he is basically immobile haha.  Its been a big change in responsibility and stuff, like I have gone to bed past 11:30 like 4 times this week. I have been so tired! I have kind of been acting like I have been on exchanges this past week, just going with the flow. I haven't been the junior companion since my first transfer and I am just trying not to step on any toes or anything so that has been a little different. This week will be better with that though cause I am kinda feeling more in line with things!  I'm grateful for new experiences and all the different opportunities I have to learn!
My Companion, Elder Lovell

Shreveport is good!  I have liked it! It feels good not to be in the middle of no where haha. There is an Air Force base right close to us too so that is where a lot of the members live!  We just have the one ward and they don't really have to much of a desire to help us, at least at the moment. Hopefully we can change that!

Meals have been interesting. Luckily we have gotten fed 4 times since I have been here because there was literally no food here in the apartment haha..........The only thing I have cooked is top ramen and peanut butter sandwiches.  We are going shopping today, and then we have a few appointments lined up tonight!  We are going to Jackson for MLC on Thursday and Friday!

Hey Mom! You are going to be mad at me because I didn't take any pictures I have been to busy haha.
Thanks for all that you do! Love you so much!!:)

Have a great week!:)

Elder Larsen

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