Monday, March 14, 2016

The Rain Came Down and The Floods Came Up!!

Hey Mom! I am alive!:)

What a crazy week!!  Hahahahaha I have probably never seen more rain fall in my life!  It was pretty crazy. It was just a constant down pour.  There were some places where it was feet deep and people were in boats and stuff.  The Osburns (in our ward) had to evacuate their house and when they left they drove out in Brother Osburns truck and the water was almost up to the door handles in it!
Elder Lovell and I in the Downpour!
Yummy Pie with the Osburns!
Tuesday we were heading to an appointment and we were about 2 streets away from it and all of a sudden there was about a foot of water on the road. We slowed down and went through it and then towards the other side Elder Lovell sped up and our dust pan got ripped off and was then dragging on the ground. Luckily we didn't flood the car because after us there were a few cars that went through and died because of the water. It was pretty crazy!!

The rest of the week we were told to stay inside until Friday when we were able to get our car and get it fixed.  It just rained the whole week and there was a ton of flooding.  I read and worked out and sat in a chair.  It was pretty boring and I got pretty sick of it. But that's ok I am alive!  I only got really wet one time haha. Luckily there wasn't to much damage done by our area, there is still quite a bit of water around, it will be a good way to get out and do some service! The Zone is good and yes everyone survived.

Friday we went and filled a whole bunch of sand bags. It was crazy how many we filled up. Then on Saturday we went and did some service for some members and helped them remove some dead bushes and debris!
Filling SOOOO many Sandbags!

Sunday was a good day. We taught 2 lessons(tied the amount we have taught all transfer) and we also taught a less active lady.  It was a good day!  Hopefully we can continue with that!

We had to reschedule most of our stuff to this week! Hopefully they don't get cancelled again!  We have our Zone training meeting that we will do and we are going on exchanges this week.  We are going to have a lot to do. President Olsen called us and talked to us about it.  The stake and the gov. leaders are meeting today to talk about how we can help!
Elder Lovell and his Boot!
I have thought about Granny and its kind of crazy that it has been a year. I wish I could be there to go to the temple with you guys and to hear Grandads, yours, and everyone else's testimony. I always enjoyed talking to you about the gospel and hearing your testimonies of things. Its sad to know that she is gone but its great to know we can be together again!  Im lucky to have so much going on around me but I definitely still feel her presence. I probably need to take more time to just sit and reflect on things.

NCAA.... Dang I am jealous, make sure to send some pics!  Don't have to much fun without me!  I’m looking forward to hear what kind of craziness happens this year at the tournament!

Thanks again for everything!

Love you!
-Elder Larsen

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