Monday, August 1, 2016

Visit to Vicksburg!

This week was really good!  We had 2 exchanges- the Gulfport Zone Leaders and then the Monroe Zone Leaders. On Wednesday the Gulfport ZLs came to Jackson and the one I was able to go with had an amazing conversion story. He was kicked out of the house by his parents and had to live with members of the local ward because they didn’t want any contact with him. Over the course of his time as a missionary his parents softened up and now they want to hear the message that he is sharing with the people down here in Mississippi. What an awesome story to hear!
Exchanges with Elder Blair and Elder Bailey

On Friday we took off to Monroe and we got to do some good work with them. They had a baptism while we were there so it was great to see someone willing to make that choice in their life! We had some awesome lessons this week too! 

Elder Beckstrom and I have really been blessed. We talked to an Atheist for about an hour and answered every question that he was throwing at us. It was great to see his complexion change over the time that we talked. He is searching for peace at this time in his life. Sadly after we talked he didn’t want to continue but it was cool to see that we could testify of Gods love for him and answer all of the questions he had even when he didn’t believe in God. 

We also had some awesome lessons with Gary. He is making leaps of progression. As he has been able to read he has realized that it is the same Jesus Christ the same doctrine that He taught now the problem is just getting him to see the fullness of it instead of bits and pieces. 

Today Elder Beckstrom and I went to Vicksburg with President Olson and were able to tour the National Park there. History is a cool thing. They have some great stories about the Civil War and the things the people went through back at that time. Vicksburg is a huge Civil war place and it was a big turning point in the war.  It was a really cool experience. 
National Military Museum in Vicksburg with President Olsen

Things have been going great. Jackson is a fun place! Every Sunday night they have what is called "Cruisin on North Side" and like everyone gets their fancy ghetto cars and drive in a huge line down the street and they have a party in a few different parking lots. And besides the fun we have been able to teach a lot of really awesome people and a lot of really good lessons lately. I have loved it. Everything is going awesome. I am loving it and am learning so much. I feel bad we have been so busy that I haven’t had time to respond to anyones emails or letters… We are going to start Transfer planning and we have MLC this week soooo… we are going to be super busy.  Thank you all so much for your prayers!

Love, Elder Larsen


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