Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good Week for Finding!

Hello everyone! 

This week has been good!  We had MLC(Mission Leadership Conference) this week so we were pretty busy with that. Monday-Wednesday we planned for that, and what we were going to teach. 

Thursday all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders came to Jackson and we had them show up at different places so everyone was a little confused haha! Afterwards, we sent them all out to different shopping centers around the Jackson area and had them go and contact people. That was actually pretty fun!  Instead of just talking about missionary work we went out and did it!  Everyone came back with some pretty cool stories! 
Saying goodbye to Elder Beclkstrom-Last MLC for him, he's going home.

Friday we taught at MLC and it was a good meeting. Everyone really enjoyed it again.  We went and watched the #1 and #2 HS teams in MS play on Friday night with a recent convert and a member. The stadium was sold out, it was insane! The #1 recruit in MS is Cam Akers he plays QB and is getting offers from every big school in the nation. He was insane!
Elder Beckstrom and I at the high school football game!

Saturday we finally had a day when we could work. So we went out and started working, and taught a few good lessons, we had one in the morning with a lady named Anyssa. It’s a cool story how we met her. Last week on Thursday we were tracting and we both decided on this one street in particular so we went there. Elder Beckstrom felt like we needed to be on another street but we just went anyway. Nothing cool happened on Thursday haha, but on Friday when we were tracting again we went to the other street that Elder Beckstrom thought of and knocked on her door. She said that earlier that morning her Professor had given the class an assignment to attend another church service. It was pretty cool cause if we had gone on Thursday night she wouldn’t have received that assignment yet. It was kind of funny! 

We were able to go out teaching with President and Sister Olson. President is such a good teacher the spirit is always super strong with both of them! Then we had another cool finding experience! We were driving and just felt we should knock the houses on the side of the main road so we stopped and started knocking. We found a guy who had taken the lessons in Arizona and had been to the Gilbert, AZ temple open house. He is also coaching football at Bellhaven. What a more perfect find than that!  

Things have been crazy here, its so dang hot... We have 2 exchanges this week, Monroe coming to Jackson as well as we are going to Gulfport!  We made some good progress with those we did get to teach. Especially Gary. And it was a good week for finding!!! We had some good experiences! Love you all! Have a good week!!:)

Are the UTES going to beat BYU?!  It could be an ugly weekend for our companionship haha!

Thanks for everything!  Love you all!
Elder Larsen
Southern Mississippi Stadium!

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