Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We had a really good week this week! We were able to work everyday and were lucky we got to double work twice! We were able to accomplish a lot. We had an investigator family come to church and they loved it! The kids went to school with some kids in the Branch and we didn’t even know that so they were great fellow shippers. It was awesome.  Anteesha the 14 year old girl read the first few chapters in the Book of Mormon and she is good friends with one of the young men. 
I am really excited for the Branch, people that have just recently started coming back have been getting callings that will help keeping them coming. We had the boundary change meeting yesterday, it seems like it is quite the process to get permission for all of that stuff. The work is going forward here in the mission. There was a ward that split and a branch was created. We gained about 3 or so active families from the Madison ward and will add them to the branch, it will be fun to be with them again. They will help us out here so much!!

We went to 3 different meals for Thanksgiving, food in The South is just really really weird haha. Everything is so oily and fried. There were no mashed potatoes, corn, some didn’t even have turkey. It was interesting. They mix their stuffing with corn bread and have really gross greens. They smell terrible I couldn’t eat any because of it. haha but there was also some really good stuff! 

As I was studying Helaman 5 today it says the word "remember" 14 times in the first 14 verses. We have the opportunity to go each Sunday to "remember" the Savior and the promises we made to keep his commandments and to serve him. In the words of President Kimball "Never "forget" a sacrament meeting”. 

Elder Larsen

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