Monday, January 9, 2017

Mississippi Snow!!

What a week here in Jackson!! 

First off, people in The South are scared of snow and cold weather haha. This past week it got cold for a couple of days. Just barely enough to get some ice/snow to stick to the ground. People down here with this kind of weather are so funny, there was very little that stuck to the ground and everyone was going 35 mph on the free way, they were scared of driving and not very good at it either.  Our apartment complex, we live at the bottom of a hill and on Saturday morning all of the sleet/snow/rain had frozen into a pretty good sheet of ice. There were so many people that were trying to make it up the hill but would get stuck and end up having to park their car or reverse all the way down. It was pretty funny watching a whole bunch of people try to get up it! That day we decided to walk out and about. We walked down the street and there was another hill and there were multiple cars that had fallen off into the ditch, one went nose first... We helped push a few people and helped get them on their way. It was quite a funny couple of days!  It didn't last long because its back up in to 75 degrees again this week!

We had some good experiences teaching as we were able to talk about the importance of church and the reason why it was so reverent and not loud or obnoxious. We compared it to the Saviors sermon on the mount. Watching and learning about His life helps us learn so much about why we do certain things. We have a few investigators that are moving well. We got the lady and her son back on track after she said church was boring. We helped them understand the importance of and true meaning of it.

The gospel is true!

All is well here!  We are going to play bball!  Hope you all are surviving the winter weather back west!


Elder Larsen
Sliding Behind the Truck!

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