Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone!

P-day is today because we had interviews yesterday and we have zone conference next week. (so p-day is on Tuesday again) Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  This past week was good, luckily none of the tornados came this way, just a few miles away though!  The weather is not good, it is getting too dang hot...:) 

We spent a lot of time out and about going through the ward roster!  We were able to meet a lot of people that were there, and a lot of people who said they were "no longer Mormon, we are Catholic" but that is ok because we will keep trying! 

The ward is awesome. Its different being in a ward after the little Jackson branch, so many resources of people to go out with and things like that. The members here are great, they feed us to much, the weight that I have lost I am going to put back on... Elder Suapaia is doing good! He is a stud!  We found a couple of new people and had a super nice and welcoming part member family that we met!

We had the cool opportunity of teaching a family we tracted into the first week I was here. They had some very good thoughts and questions that can all be answered by the Book of Mormon. They had always wondered what was going on on this side of the world during the time of Christ. They always thought that it was unfair that Jesus only went to the other side of the world, they didn’t know why there weren’t more Jesus' in the world.  They were also amazed at the fact that God called a Prophet just as he did in the bible, but only a few years ago in the 1800's. Luckily we were able to help them, and give them the answers that they had always wondered.  How lucky are we to have the Book of Mormon and a living Prophet on the earth to lead and guide us!  I am coming to the end of the Book of Mormon once again and am grateful for all the life lessons it contains and the testimony it has helped me to gain!  The gospel is true! Have a great week!

Elder Larsen

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