Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Heavens Doors were Opened!

Hello everyone!!

This week was awesome! It happened. We were able to help Blake get to the waters of baptism!  Despite his challenges and with odds against him he was able to get there. He even stood and bore his testimony of the gospel and of missionary work and how it has brought him so much joy!  He keeps telling us that nothing else matters except knowing that the Book of Mormon is true. And he is right. Everything involving the Restoration rests upon the one question. Is the Book of Mormon true? I am lucky to have been able to read and pray and gain a personal witness for myself that it is the word of God. Though it wasn’t miraculous, it came over many times of reading and having different experiences here and there. I am grateful for the gospel and for the chance I have to share my testimony with those around me!  

Im excited for Blake.  That day we went and tracted with Blake a few hours before the baptism.  After he said that he felt like it was "different from all the other baptisms I have been apart of". (He has been baptized in some other churches.) He said he felt like heavens doors were opened.  He also was happy to receive the Holy Ghost and the priesthood all in the same weekend!  He's excited because now he can bless the sacrament.

We had Zone Conference this week in Gulfport.  It was good! I can’t believe I only have one more left.  You were wondering about my Southern accent and language…There was a point in my mission where I felt like I was starting or having the urges to talk like a Southerner with words like ya’ll, finna, fixin to, things like that but I really didn’t want to start saying ya’ll so I tried super hard not to say it and its not a problem for me now haha. All the missionaries say it though.

Tyler Comans (from where I was serving in Canton)told me he got his mission call to California Roseville Mission!  Thanks for your support. It was great talking to you guys on Sunday. I was happy to see you!!:)

Love you all!

Elder Larsen

1- Blakes Baptism Day
2- Golden Dragon lunch buffet with Bro. Reyes.  He takes us here every week.  Sometimes more. They know us so well here we are on the cover of their web site!
3- Where I live in Slidell
4- Me, (from Sis. Pippin)

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