Monday, May 1, 2017

"Sorry Guys"

Hello everyone!

This week has been good! We had a few days that were suuupper humid. But we survived!  We had a ton of rain down here yesterday. During the final hour of church we could hear the thunder from inside the chapel. When we walked outside there is a walkway that is covered and there was like 2 inches of water already there. It is crazy how quickly the rain falls down here.  We were told not to proselyte yesterday, it was raining and thundering so hard but no bad effects here in Slidell and the sun is out and shining today!

One day as we were out biking around to some of the local businesses looking for service opportunities we stopped at the Bishops storehouse to get some water and just felt like we shouldn’t stop there quite yet so we kept going down the street and rode past the library. As we were riding past we saw one of our investigators out front sitting on a bench so we rode up and started talking to him asking him what he was doing. He kept shuffling the books that he had around trying to make it so we couldn’t see them. Elder Suapaia asked him about one of them and he kept avoiding the question by talking about his day haha. Finally he lifted up the book and showed it to us and said "Sorry guys". Turns out it was a big old anti book. Elder Suapaia had read some of it before and told our investigator that it wasn’t true, and wasn’t going to do any good for him.  So we picked up the book and told him we were going to do him a favor and return the book for him. He said fine. It was funny how the Lord placed us in his path to stop him from doing that.

We also were able to teach some other good lessons! I think the Ward is continuing to get more and more excited about missionary work because they see the hard work that we are putting in. This next week we will be meeting with one of the members friends and teaching her. She has been coming to church for a while now.

The gospel is true! 

Love you!
Elder Larsen

Fun with Elders
Elder Thorley and I
Text from Sister May:
We have actually never really had the missionaries over to our home before so this has been really good for my family.  My husband and oldest son (stepson) are not members.  This is the first time any missionaries have even attempted to talk about the gospel with them.  No matter what the outcome, i will be forever grateful to them.  Tonight was the very first time my husband had ever read any scripture in his whole life.  I don’t Know what we’ll do when Elder Larsen leaves us.  My heart will be so sad.

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