Saturday, July 25, 2015

Email Before Airport

     Hi Mom,  How is Lake Powell?  I get to email right now because there won't be another time before we leave for the airport that I can contact you.   Hope you are all having fun!  I'm still alive and doing good.  I wrote you, dad, Tara, and Casey back on wednesday and realized you were going to be in Lake Powell and wouldn't get them till I leave, but I put them in the mail anyway.  How has the weather been at the lake?  I hope you get this email before I have to get off!
     I will be calling somewhere between 5-8 on monday morning.  I hope I can figure out how to use that phone.  I'm doing good and can't wait to talk to you!  I'm excited to leave!  I'll talk to you about everything on monday!
Good to see Scott!

Ready to go!

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