Tuesday, July 21, 2015


     Hi!  I'm still alive and doing good!  The experiences of learning have been awesome!  Most of the time I'm just confused about what is going on though and how I'm going to get things to apply to my investigator.  I would love it if you could send me 2-3 just paperback cheap Book of Mormons that I can read and mark up good while I'm here.
     I have to be in the travel office at 3:30 in the morning on monday.  30 People are traveling with us and our flight leaves at 8:30 am.  We fly to Atlanta and then to Jackson.  I'm so excited to go!
     Today for P-day we went to the temple, went to workout and now just getting done getting our laundry started.  I forgot my camera in the residence so when I go to change my laundry I'll bring it and send some pictures to you.  I have gotten a lot of stuff from Betsy!  All the other people in my district are jealous!  Keep using Dear Elder…it's so nice to come home and have letters waiting for you to open at night.
     I'm not great at this email thing yet, idk what to say.  My companions name is Adison and he is a funny kid!  The other Elders in my room are good too!  One is Elder Godfrey from Idaho, he is fun, and the other is Elder Palmer who loves DC and Marvel comics and yells when he's excited about things!
     Ok, Thank you so much, love you all and will talk to you all later! Have fun at Lake Powell!  I love you guys.  Take pictures and send them to me!!!  Keep sending Dear Elders!!!  LOVE YOU!!

Elder Wells & I playing football!! 
My MTC district!
My closet in the MTC
My roommates in the MTC

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