Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Made it to Jackson, Mississippi!

     Hey Dad!  I made it here!  My p-day will be on monday after today.  We are all just at the church meeting our companions and stuff.  My companions name is Elder Ah Ching.  He is from Farmington and I think Hawaii.  Everyone is saying he is super awesome!  We are serving in Brookhaven.  No idea if I spelled that right, but it's not all the way south but it's in Mississippi, like directly below Jackson I think.  They said it kinda has a rich and also a hood area so that'll be awesome to see!  It's definitely hot and humid! I don't mind the humidity because it helps my skin but the heat is hot!  It is really hot haha and i have sweat a lot.  I got my bike and will lock it up.  It's not like super expensive is it?  I only have like an hour drive so that will be good.  If you look at the mission boundary Brookhaven is somewhere by Clinton, west of Hattiesburg, and it's not by the coast but farthest south it can go in that part of the mission.
     Yesterday we woke up like at 2:00 am and had to sit on the bus for like 40 min, and then drive 10 min. to the front runner station, and then when we got on the plane there was no room for my bag so I had to put it in a bin way far in the back and I had to wait for everyone to get off the plane to get it, and then we were running to get to our next flight!  Then it was only like an hour flight to Mississippi.  On our way to Atlanta, we flew over the Mississippi river and it is huge!  When we got to Mississippi, the airport is tiny, I don't even know if it had security haha but the mission president was there and we met them and all the AP.  They were super friendly and happy.  Then we went to the church and ate some pasta thing with chicken and it was really good!  We had to sit at the church for awhile and everyone talks and bore their testimonies and stuff.  Then we went back to the mission home.  It is super nice. The roads are like Georgia.  This whole place is like Georgia.  When we got there we were fed again,  just like sandwiches and stuff but it was still good.  We went to bed at 9:00 cause we were so tired but it was good!  Today we just got up and got ready to take some pictures and then headed out to the church so we haven't done much today but it's been good!  We've all been hanging out at the church playing basketball.  Everyone that has to go far away had to leave like 3 hours ago.  There are quite a few, like 20 guys here.  We have a car but it's in the shop so we don't have it at the moment.  Talk to you next week.  Love you!!!!!
President and Sister Olsen
New MJM missionaries & Mission Prsesident

Brookhaven @ night

Street I live on

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