Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Work Begins!

     Hi!  I'm sending some pictures!  Today we just had a district meeting then went to lunch at a place called OEC, some japanese restaurant.  It was pretty good.  I had a pro bar for breakfast cause no other food,  and we are at the library right now.  We biked to district meeting and then rode in the car with the sisters and two elders to get lunch and then back to our apartment, then we walked to the library.  We are going home teaching with a member tonight and will go visit a less active member later today as well.  He has autism.  Idk if this is how it always is or what because I feel like we haven't done anything today but I'm sure work will pick up and I feel like Elder Ah Ching is very easy going and I'm not sure if he likes working hard or not yet because we haven't done anything and I don't know if what we are doing is normal or not because I just got here!  He has been a trainer before tho so Idk.  It is ok!  Hopefully we start to go and find people to teach and actually do something instead of just sit here, that's what I feel like we have done all day today.  Oh well though.  I still don't feel like I know enough but I'm sure it will come with time.  I still haven't been able to go to the store because we don't have the car yet,  something is wrong with the transmission.   Hopefully we will make it there tonight!  I had a blanket for sheets, blanket for a pillow, and a blanket for a blanket!  The beds are nice but everything else is pretty old and stuff.   The washer and dryer machines are in a shed outside lol!
     We had dinner last night from a place called Wards.  A member took us there because he was giving us a ride home from the church.   There are like 60 people in one ward and 80 or so in another I think is what he said, it might have been 180 I can't remember.  One is a ward and one is a branch.   There are a ton of inactive members here.  But the part of Brookhaven that is out in the country is the ward and it is bigger, then in the city it is a lot smaller branch.  The place we live in has railroad tracks right next to it and it's kinda in a neighborhood, it's a good area I think!   I'm the only new guy in our area.  The mission president and his wife were nice and pretty laid back I think.  I don't really know, I didn't get interviewed for very long but they seemed really nice!
     I'll talk to you again on monday mom!  Hopefully things start picking up, love you guys!!  Lmk how everything is going.  Love you!:)
Brookhaven Elders

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