Monday, October 26, 2015

First Week in Canton!

Well this week has actually gone pretty well!

In our district we have the STL's (sister training leaders), The AP's, another set of sisters and then another set of elders so it is a big group but it's nice being with the AP's, they have a lot of knowledge and are great to learn from!  The sister missionaries are nice too, they take good care of us!

Wednesday went pretty well, we taught a few lessons!  This week was basically tract all day every day so that was super fun haha.

Thursday we went to visit a member who's husband isn't a member and when we knocked on the door he came outside and freaked out at us like "Why the @#%$# are ya'll ringing my doorbell like that, next time I'm gonna come outside and shoot the *&*#% outta ya'll!" and he had his gun in his hand hahahaha so that was interesting.  I honestly thought he was joking so I was kind of chuckling but I guess he was being serious.   His wife came out and so we talked to her for a while.  I just kind of played it off like nothing happened!

Saturday we went and did some service for a member who got a divorce and now she has like 64 acres of property to take care of all by herself.  They had a pretty cool set up, like a snack shack and then they used to have a barn with a spook alley in it and a huge corn maze!

That's pretty much the extent of my week.  The area is huge!  It covers 3 county's and we got hosed on miles so we are like 100 over already and there is still a week left!  It was a pretty good week though!

Training has been going good!  Elder Clement is excited to be here and I think I am doing the best I can to help him feel welcome!  We get along good, he talks a lot more, like a lot more than my last comp!  We have done lots of tracking and it has been boring haha but hopefully it will start to pick up!  Everything is going ok, we have yet to teach a second lesson but hopefully we will get some this week!  He is working with me on his english so we'll see how good of a teacher I am!

The ward is more up to date than the other one I was in but I don't think all of them love the missionaries as much as they did in Brookhaven!  I will probably never have an area like that again.   The members live so far away from us here.  It's a nice ward though, there are a lot of young families!  One of the members invited us over for a party on halloween, so we will go to their house!!  We have another dinner tonight!  We had dinner with Brother Richardson last night and it was good!  Elder Clement eats only rice, like a huge plate of rice and fried chicken.  That's all he likes so dinner appointments could be a little interesting with him haha… we might never get invited back.  He likes his Utah shirt!!!

It has been raining for 2 days straight!  I have been trying to eat better, lots of sandwiches, pasta, and chicken.  We are making our own food a lot more…  I bought me some shake n bake!:)  Our apartment is a tiny shack in someones backyard, it is tiny…haha and the water pressure is so bad we have to use a bucket to shower…
Our Canton apartment
I'm being serious.  Our water pressure.

I like Canton, it is pretty small, it's smaller than Brookhaven but it's closer to a city!  Madison.  It's an old historic city and pretty cool!  They play jazz music around the town square like all the time, we ran by one morning at like 6:30 and they were playing it!!  It's pretty funny  Canton is 99% black people. The church here is 100 years old this year, it's like the oldest church in Mississippi!  Pretty crazy!

I'll talk to you all later, love you!!:)

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