Monday, October 12, 2015

Got the Cops Called on Us!

Hello Everyone!!

Monday we went to a lesson and after we taught that we were walking back to our car, a little girl came outside and said "Hi missionaries!"  It ended up being a less active lady that we have been looking for for almost 3 weeks now!  We talked to them for a while and they told us we could come back!  Then we went and visited our investigator named Bresha and that went well and she basically placed a Book of Mormon for us with her friend named TK.

Tuesday we had a really good day, we taught 7 lessons!!

Wednesday we had a DDM and then we went to a really good BBQ place after that was pretty good!  We then went back and taught a family who we found last week when we were going to see some potential investigators.  They are awesome!  They accepted a baptism date and are excited to continue learning.

Thursday our week of good fortune kind of stopped haha…Bresha dropped us and told us that she was to busy to meet with us anymore, so that whole day we were both pretty upset.  Later that night while we were tracking at like 7:00,  3 people called the cops on us hahaha…  One guy was out next to our car looking at it and stuff and got a call from the cops right as we were walking up and he asked us if it was our car and then he called the cops of.  It was so dumb haha… No, the cops never made it to our car but they were on their way!  I thought I was through with cops!  I guess not tho haha!

Friday our bad day kind of continued,  we didn't talk to many people and did 2 hours of tracking.  When we were driving around we didn't know where to go tract so we said a prayer and then kept driving and both felt like we should go down this certain street.  We went down the street and the last house  we knocked on was a girl,  Sincere was her name, who let us right in and started asking questions and we started teaching her the Restoration and she asked "Who is our prophet??"  It was awesome!  So, we left her with a BOM and she told us to come back whenever, she would be waiting for us!  She has a little girl named China, she is awesome!  After that we went home and were going to go to the football game but right as we sat down to eat it started pouring so we didn't end up going!

Saturday went alright,  we taught a few lessons and then had dinner with the Maxwells.

Sunday we were super excited for church because multiple people had told us that they were going to be there and then when church started no one came so that was pretty upsetting, but it's ok!  We had worked so hard all week!  We didn't really talk to anyone else that day either but we had another lesson with Sincere and it went really well,  she accepted a baptismal date as well!
Sincere and her daughter China, sent this to mom
via text after one of our lessons!

Overall this week was pretty good, we taught 21 lessons!!

I'm doing good!!  That's so crazy that the Utes are doing so good!!  I'm so jealous haha!  When we were tracking yesterday, I asked a Presbyterian preacher if the Utes won!  Elder Davidson and I are getting better at teaching together!  I enjoy being with him.  I hope I make it through another transfer, I love it.  My apartment is nice, it's right next to the train tracks and trains come non stop!  The bathroom and kitchen are tiny and there are only a few cockroaches!  The Oglesbys are doing well,  I have called them once a week but we haven't gone down to visit them since they were baptized.  They are solid in the church, they live so far away it's hard for us to make it down there.  The weather is cooling off a little, it hasn't been in the 90's the past few weeks and has felt pretty good outside.  My jumprope broke, I think I can fix it with a wrench.  We have been eating pizza like every meal for the past week…I'm done with pizza haha…

Hope everyone is doing well!:)  Thanks for everything!  Love you guys!
Love, Elder Larsen
Elder Davidson doing some cooking!

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