Monday, October 5, 2015

Commitments and Conference!

Sent to Mom via text after lunch with the Jacksons!
Hello everyone!!

It was a good week but the biggest struggle is getting people to follow through on their commitments. No one will follow through on anything haha!

Tuesday after pday was over we went and did a little tracting and we met some nice people and set a few return appointments.

Wednesday we had a good day! Most of our appointments were home!! We talked to a guy named James who was just sitting there questioning us about the 12 tribes of Israel and all the foods that we shouldn’t be eating like pork, shrimp, and cat fish haha... We also talked to a lady named Lawanda and last time we met with her she told us that she would listen to us all day but she wouldn’t read the BOM, but when we met with her this time we had a really good lesson and at the end we asked her again if she would read and she looked at it and said “I'll think about it” I think she will read it! While we were tracting I asked one person if he could ask God one question what would it be and he said "Why?? Why all of this?" and that was perfect because I knew a scripture that would help him! So we left him with a BOM and told him we would be back! We also met a lady that had grown up with LDS friends and she said we should come back too!!

Thursday wasn’t as eventful of a day. Our appointments weren’t home and we had to go get flu shots and our car fixed again it had a flat Patience is key!  But we had a lesson with Tamora and reset her with a Baptismal date!

Friday we had to tract a lot because we didn’t have anything else to do. We ran into 2 preachers and that was fun as ever. One said that he had seen a video at church about Joseph Smith and the first vision and it was like outer space stuff. Haha, what the heck?? We went to see a few potentials and no one was home, then the last lady we were going to see was outside talking to her neighbors who had just moved in. It was a younger family, and so we went and talked to them and she had been around LDS people before too, she was interested in what we were saying and they told us to come back!  Hopefully they will turn into something!! That night we went to Foxes and then to the Old Brook festival which was like a bunch of street vendors right in town and they had a band and stuff! It was cool!
Old Brook Festival on the streets of Brookhaven!

Elder Davidson and I at Old Brook Festival!

Saturday and Sunday we just watched conference all day. We were at the church in Brookhaven. They had a little TV set up for us, but we got on the projector instead! Sadly none of the 3000 people we invited showed up to watch it with us! But conference, especially the priesthood session reminded me of being home watching it with you guys! I was glad that I had been able to grow up going to it with Dad, Grandad and Konner! I liked Elder Christophersons talk, Elder Hollands, and Elder Durrant that challenged everyone to ponderize a scripture every week for however long. I think that is a cool idea!

I have decided when I get home and maybe save some money, we need to start going to all the church history sites, Like over in Jerusalem area, down to all the Mayan temples in South America and Mexico, I think they would all be cool to visit. Especially the temples down South!  And when we went to the BOM sites down there, there has got to be some cool swimming holes that we can go jump into off a cliff or a vine or something haha!

It is starting to cool down, it was 60's all last week it was so nice!! Send me some salsa!!! I want to try it!!  Elder Davidson and I are doing well and we still continue to get fed a lot!  I have played the piano a lot this weekend while we have been at the church!  I am learning how to play How Great Thou Art now and I almost have it figured out!  My laundry is going good! I just throw it in turn it on cold and then I'm good! haha… We already went shopping so we don’t have any plans for the afternoon! I might go get a hair cut! We’re moving quick today!! We have 2 appointments tonight and we have quite a few appointments planned through the rest of the week so it should be a good week!:)

Love you thanks for so much!!:) I'll talk to you next week!!:)
-Elder Larsen
Some of my halloween decorations from Mom!
Kevin Miller from Mississippi- served his mission in Long Beach.
The Buberts, from my home ward were his Mission President and wife!

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