Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all have had a great week!

This week was pretty good teaching wise!  We taught a lot of lessons and are starting to gain a bigger teaching pool.  We have started to get some cooler weather.  It has been like in the 50's here so not terrible but it's been a great change from the heat!

We were able to teach Allyson a little bit more and she is going to be a great investigator.  Her grandpa passed away this week so she wasn't able to come to church but she is going to be solid.  We haven't been able to meet with Gladys again, every time we go over to her house she has a ton of people over and they are all smoking and drinking.  We have been waiting to teach her the Word of Wisdom but we still haven't gotten the chance haha…

We had a cool experience while tracting.  We talked to this lady and taught the restoration and left her with a Book of Mormon.  After we left her house we went and knocked on the next door and when we were walking away from that house she came outside looking for us and she had an older copy of the Book of Mormon in her hand along with the one we had given her.  She told us that before her dad passed away he started looking into our church and that when he died the Book of Mormon was next to him with a pen in it.  He had tried to write something in it but you couldn't tell what he was saying.  He had also written on the verse 3 Nephi 11:32-35 talking about baptism.  It was pretty cool to see that and hopefully she will take it as a sign and become very interested!  Other than that, this week wasn't to exciting.  We didn't have anyone come to the open house even though we printed off over 200 invitations and handed them all out to people, we didn't have anyone come.  That's alright though it was still good.  We had a good time with all the branch members!  We told the President about it and he said it was a good thing to get the members involved!  It is cool to see how the Lord really does prepare people to hear the gospel in a variety of ways!
Setting up for our open house!

Our open house spread!

I am still waiting to find a non member that is a huge fan of Mississippi State to take us to the games haha!  We are in the closest area to Starkville about an hour and a half away!

Today isn't a normal pday, pday is on thanksgiving, so after we email we will go out and do what we normally do,  we have an appointment, and then we are seeing potentials and tracting, but that's ok,  we get to play in a turkey bowl on thursday!!!:)   I don't think I have ever been so excited for something in my life!;)) We have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner by people from both the ward and the branch!

Things are going well, little miracles happen everyday and it's so cool to see how the Lord prepares people for the gospel!  Everything is good here,  we just got loaded up with food from the branch, like our apartment doesn't have enough storage for it all haha!  That's good though!  We also got a tooooonnn of dinner appointment from the branch, like almost every night!  Pray that we will find someone to serve, no one lets us help with anything!  Elder Clement and I are doing great!  He is easy to get along with!  I have been doing great too, you learn a lot as a missionary and it's been awesome!

Take some pictures of everyone for me!  Love you!!  I'm thankful for you guys and all that you do for me!  Every time I am faced with a hard decision I just wish I could ask my dad or mom what to do!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great week!
Elder Larsen
Enjoying life in Canton!

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