Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Koreans Don't Have Facial Hair?

Hi everyone hope you are all well!

This past week was pretty good!

Tuesday we went and did some service at this place called Madcaap and they were doing a thing for thanksgiving and they gave out 750 turkeys and boxes full of other foods.  It was pretty cool, there were sooo many people there!  We also had an argument with a guy about the Nephites.  He said that the American Indians ancestors were Korean people that came over on the land bridge, but then I asked him what about Noah and the flood?  Then he was like well….. it's just like the same thing with Cain,  it says after he was cast out that he begat his wife.  He was saying that she just appeared out of no where, but we know he married his brothers daughter because of Moses.  So that was an interesting conversation.  He just thought the Koreans just showed up on the American continent somehow and the only thing he was using as evidence was that Koreans don't have facial hair and neither do American Indians!  Idk if that is true, that's just what he was saying hahahaha…

Thursday, Thanksgiving was a good day!  We were able to go and play some flag football!  It was nice to get out and run a little bit, poor Elder Clement, he was dying the next couple of days because his legs were so sore from running!  He was dead on his bike!  We had 2 dinner appointments and definitely ate  too much food!  It was good we had 2 meals and they were both really good!  The first one was more of a normal thanksgiving meal with just normal foods but the second one was more of a southern.  They had pastas and BBQ meatballs and BBQ beans and all sorts of stuff but they still had normal thanksgiving foods too just the extra stuff!  It was funny because Elder Clement had never had ham before and he hates eating pork.  The lady who's house we went to just came up to him and put a fork with ham on it in his mouth hahahahaha I was dying!  He didn't like it very much though.
Thanksgiving Day with the Clements Family!

Friday was fun, while we were out tracting we played basketball in the park with some kids.  It was so funny we pulled up on our bikes and they all stopped and looked at us… I was like "can we hop in?"  They looked at each other and were like "You think you can play basketball in suits? Do you even know how to play basketball?" They were all surprised!   My team won BTW. haha;)

Saturday we were tracting and talked to this lady and she said she wasn't interested but her church supported missionaries and had 3-4 missionaries of her own.  As we were walking away Elder Clement and I just looked at each other and kind of chuckled.  We should have told her we have 85,000!!
Out Tracting!

Life is Good!

We had a good week this past week!  We had 2 people come to church on sunday!  We tracted into this lady and her daughter and the daughter is 20, seemed super interested and told us she wanted to get involved like we are involved and she told us she would be at church.  So sunday came and she showed up and brought her sister!  The lessons in combined priesthood and relief society was about the sabbath day observance and when we called her later that night she told us she had requested from her boss that she have every sunday off so that was pretty cool!!

It is transfer week and both Elder Clement and I are staying in Canton!!  I hope I stay here for awhile.  I hate leaving places!  We got the tree and the decorations you sent!:)  They were great!  Our apartment is looking great now, good thing I learned how to decorate things!;)  It is set up in our study room, there is hardly any room in our poor little shack!  But, we got our shower fixed today!!  It has been so hot here, it's like 80 degrees outside!!  I miss the cold!  We have a dinner appointment and then we are going to help with the ward christmas float.  They have a parade this weekend that the church is putting a float in!:)  Yes, we will be in the parade!
A cool wall in the Blues District!
Downtown Canton Street at Christmas time!
Our Christmas tree!

Love you thanks for everything!
Elder Larsen

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