Monday, November 9, 2015

Sharing Our Message with the Baptists!!

Hello Everyone!!

This week went pretty well!

Tuesday we traced for 5.5 hours haha I wanted to kill myself…:))

Wednesday we had to go to the doctor because Elder Clement had an ingrown hair or something that had been killing him.  It was in his armpit and he could hardly move his arm.  So we missed district meeting.  This week was sooooo long because we missed going to it!  Later that night we went to visit a girl that we had met at a store and she and her mom were rushing out to go to their Bible study class so they invited us to that.  When we got there she introduced us to the Pastoress and the Pastor and everyone else and they were asking us questions about what we did here as missionaries, and then they asked us if we would share our message with them and I didn't know what to do so I just told them sure!  We taught them about the restoration and we got some pretty interesting looks!  They started asking us questions about if prophets are the only way we can have a relationship with God, what we believed about the Holy Ghost, and then they asked us if baptism was essential for salvation (implying that they didn't believe in baptism) and I told them yes, and shared a scripture.  Then they asked "What if someone has never been baptized but then on their death bed they say Lord save me?"  I said they would still have to be baptized and taught them about baptism for the dead.  After that the Pastor was like alright that's enough…hahahahaha.  I honestly don't think that they believe in being baptized by water.  It was some little church, I can't remember what they called the church but it was a Baptist church!  They probably wouldn't be very happy if we showed back up haha but I think we will go this week and listen to them talk this time!

The rest of the week was pretty plain we didn't do a lot but tract.

Sunday we had one of our investigators come to church!!  Her name is Gladys and she doesn't live in the best of conditions.  She doesn't have a car so we had to get a ride for her but she showed up and loved it!  So that was good!!

I'm only a little bummed that my family is in Hawaii without me, but it's ok!  I'm in a good place.  It has been raining here a ton lately.  It's hard to get out and do stuff in the rain, especially when all you have planned is tracking.  We traced 12 hours last week, that's almost double what the standard of excellence is.  We are going to try and do an open house and watch Meet the Mormons.

I found someone to cut my hair!  I went to a real barber shop haha!  There were only like 80 year old guys in there.  The guy that cut my hair was 73!  The next transfer is Dec. 2nd.  I hope I stay in this area for a few months!  I have been enjoying being with Elder Clement!  I think it has been a good experience for me.  It is a little hard to deal with his talking, and he likes to be contentious with people but I have kind of helped him with that to see that it doesn't hep with anything!  It has been good though!!  He's awesome!

Hopefully you've had a fantastic week!:)
I love you!
Elder Larsen

Dinner at Cock of the Walk with the Alhalteh family!

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