Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Float!

Hello Everyone!

This week we kind of had a lot going on!  One day we were tracking and I got called sexy by some 60 year old black lady hahahahahaha so that was interesting…

We were back and forth helping with the float a lot and it actually turned out really good!  We did a nativity scene and surprisingly no one else had one and ours was probably one of the best looking!  A lot of people down here don't think we believe in Jesus Christ so it was good for us to get out in the community and show them what we do!
working on the christmas float!
 Elder Clement had some weird obsession with Hispanic people and has been dying to teach them but everyone we talk to that is Hispanic say they don't speak english…but on saturday we were tracting and found a family that let us right in, gave us water and offered us pizza and they were Hispanic!  HE was so excited!  They are a catholic family and they were super nice.  We taught them the Restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon!  They seemed pretty interested and I actually think they will read it!

The float looked really good, the ward did a lot of work on it and it was funny with all of the little kids on there.  It was awesome!  We also had a stake activity called A Night in Bethlehem.  It was pretty cool too!  They had it all set up like it was at  BE2014 (my home ward youth conference)  and had a bunch of different shops, it was cool!  They had a reenactment of the birth of Christ and all the little kids were in it and they did a great job!
Madison Ward Christmas Float!
Christmas Parade!
Parade Selfie!
Chick Fil A!  After the Parade!
At A Night in Bethlehem!
 Sunday we went to the Raytown Branch and after church we went to President Comans house and ate with them then went and visited some less active people.  They have only 20 active members out of the 150 on the roster…after that we went back to President Comans house for dinner and the Christmas devotional!  They are awesome!!
Raytown Branch Building
Elder Clement claims to hate pork and I knew he wouldn't turn down bacon once I cooked it so I cooked some and it's like his favorite thing now haha!  I told him that it was pork after he'd been eating it  and his reaction was pretty funny but he still loves it!  Everytime I cook something he about throws up and then the same thing gets cooked at a members house and he eats it… A lot of members just drop food off for us but he doesn't eat it so I have a tooooonnnn of leftovers I get to eat.  I have 3 huge things of soup and chili in the fridge that I get to eat haha… most people bring goo things!  I have been doing better, I can eat raw broccoli and green beans easy now, I've been doing pretty good with veggies!

Things have been going good!  We weren't able to teach Allyson this week but we talked with her and she told us to come by any day this next week so we will get to her this week!  We have Stake Conference this weekend!  We also have have a christmas party at the Branch.  We also have to drive 200 miles to a meeting so that will be fun…The meeting is in Hattiesburg.  A General Authority will be there so that's why it's so big!  There was frost on the windshield the other day and then it ended up being like 70 degrees so it's not cold yet!  It's crazy how time flies.  It's going by fast!  I've learned to just roll with things and not try to fight with people about beliefs.  It's definitely one. big. 2 year long. learning experience haha!

Hope you are doing great!!
Thank you for everything!
Love you~
Elder Larsen

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