Tuesday, January 12, 2016

6 months and Transfer Week!!

Hey Fam!  How is everyone??  This week was pretty good!

Elder Clement and I at the Fellers!

On Tuesday we had probably one of the best proselyting days of my mission so far!  We taught a lesson to Joseph who has been investigating the church for a long time now and we set him with a baptismal date.  He bore a super strong testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon!  Then we had another good lesson with some people we tracted into.  It was a guy who is in a wheelchair and his mom, and both said that they noticed that their church was more of a social event, and straying from the teaching of the Bible.  Then we met with Wanda and her fiancé TJ, with Brother Ueki.  That was an awesome lesson.  We read the introduction with them and TJ loved the part that said "I told the Brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth."  He also noticed that there were truths missing from the Bible and that churches were straying from the truth that was in the Bible.  I was like well this is just perfect!

Wednesday and Thursday were just alright!  We went on exchanges with the bike Elders and Elder Crouch and I went and played basketball for a little while, it was pretty fun.

Friday we went and talked to Joseph and we taught him the Plan of Salvation again and when we got to the spirit work he freaked out haha!  He had to go put water on his head because he was feeling hot. He doesn't really like spirits so I think that freaked him out.  Then we went and saw the guy in the wheelchair again……His cousin was there and just started going off on the Book of Mormon, how his mom was a pastor, how we needed to study and learn more about the Bible, and that maybe we could learn a lesson from him.  He was swearing up a storm and saying how false the Book of Mormon was.  I don't think I have ever been so mad in my life haha!  And to top it off when we were getting up to leave he wouldn't even shake my hand.  Just Elder Clement.  Because I was a white guy and he didn't like our message.  I was sooooooo mad.

Saturday we did a lot of tracking and we decided to go and contact a referral and turns out this was the only day she was home all week.  So we taught her a good lesson and then we also taught 2 more people in her apartment complex!  It was a good day.  Then we got transfer calls and Elder Clement is getting transferred and I am staying here and being the District Leader.  Poor Elder Clement he was pretty sad.  He started crying and stuff.  He wanted to stay here longer.  He will be just fine though!  Hopefully I don't run the District into the ground haha.

Sunday we went to church and came home for Elder Clement to start packing!

My new companion is from Haiti and his name is Elder Pierre-Louis.  He speaks English and is actually a Spanish missionary, so maybe I will pick up some Spanish while I am with him!  We actually run into a lot of Spanish people so it will be good!  Our District will be fun.  We got 1 new Elder who will be fun and I don't know the other 2 sisters!!  I'm nervous.  But I feel good.  I don't know how to plan district lessons but it will be alright!  I was kind of ready for a change.  Elder Clement is going to South Jackson and his companion is Elder Roberts.
My new companion, Elder Pierre-Louis from Haiti!

I got to talk to Elder Ah Ching today!!  He is in Jackson now so we are in the same zone!  We are going to play basketball right now and going out with Brother Ueki tonight to teach some people!
Reunited with Elder Ah Ching!

It was a good week!!  Hopefully you are all doing well!:)
I will talk to you next week!!  Love you so much!:)  Have a great week!!:)
Love, Elder Larsen

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