Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well!!
Christmas Eve Dinner with Zone

Christmas Eve Party/ Picture with some of My Zone

Monday we didn't have a lot planned and sadly we didn't even have a pday so we just did a lot of tracking.  One of the doors we knocked on called me to repentance!  It was some racist guy that just started talking a bunch of crap on me haha…

Tuesday we had an alright day!  We had a chance to play some basketball for a while with some people.  We walked by and they were like "Hey y'all wanna play?"  I told them that we would beat them haha and then they said "Is that a challenge"  and started freaking out.  It was funny they didn't think we could play because we were in church clothes, and none of them wanted me on their team cause I was white but by the end they were calling me Kevin Love so it was ok!

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the AP's and that was good as always!  I always learn a lot from other missionaries that have been out for longer than me.  They are just better and smarter, at least the missionaries in leadership are.

Thursday, New Years Eve, we went to the Fellers with all the other missionaries and had a little party.  We had waffles and then launched some fireworks.  It was a good night!!
New Years Selfie!

Friday we had Brother Devine come out with us for a few hours and we went and visited a less active and then to one of our investigators.  It was good to have him with us.  People seem to listen and understand members better than us missionaries sometimes!

Saturday we only taught one lesson and it was to a lady that we talked to on the street. We introduced ourselves and just started talking to her and then she just started crying and telling us all of her health issues and problems so we were able to share a few scriptures with her and give her a Book of Mormon and told her we would be back tomorrow to talk with her about it!

Sunday we had a good church meeting, our investigators bailed on us but that's alright.   After church we went to see Wanda(the lady we met Saturday night) and surprise surprise…she was outside waiting for us and had read 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon!  We had a good Restoration lesson with her!

Christmas was great!  It was so good to see my family and hear their voices!  I did good and didn't get homesick or anything after!

Christmas Day with the Bradburn Family!

Investigators are alright, no one is really progressing and it's hard cause no one really likes supporting themselves, they just all live in Gov. housing and let the church buses come and pick them up for church because no one has a car.

I set a goal to be more Christlike so I have begun studying the Christlike attributes.  Hopefully that will pay off for me haha!  This week while we were on exchanges with the AP's, Elder Hendrickson told me that he was surprised how well my teaching skills are for how long I've been out.  He said some nice things to me that made me feel good because I have always worried whether or not I was actually improving as a missionary cause I never had and older missionary to learn from other than the 6 weeks I spent with Elder Ah Ching.  So I was glad to hear that my hard work is showing and that I'm actually progressing!

We are going to play some football with the Zone in Madison today!  Transfers are next week so I'll be letting you know if I'm being transferred or staying here!
Elder Clement and I!

It was a good week.  Hope you all had a good holiday season!!:)
Thanks for everything, hope you are doing well!!
Love you:)
Elder Larsen
Holiday Dinner with The Alhalteh Family!

Christmas Gifts from The Alhalteh Family!  They are an awesome family!

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