Monday, January 25, 2016

Mississippi is good at Speaking in Tongues!

Hello Everyone!  How are you all doing?  This week was pretty good!  We did a lot of good work!
Photo bomb by the Deer!
On Wednesday we were able to go watch the missionary broadcast.  I guess all the missionaries throughout the world were able to watch a broadcast from the General Authorities.  It was really good! After that we went and talked to Joseph and had an awesome lesson with him!

Thursday we went and gave Sister Luckett a blessing (good news… we didn't get a gun pulled on us by her husband this time haha).  Remember the first week I was here in Canton?!?!?!  She is a member but her husband isn't.  Luckily when we got there she was outside and we didn't have to knock or anything!  Then we went and talked to Joseph again and taught him the Word of Wisdom, he chews 10 cans every 2 days!!!  But he said he would give it up.  Hopefully he will be able to!  We were teaching a guy named Kendarious and we had been talking to him for like 15 minutes and then his mom walked in and was like "Can I help you?"  We told her we were missionaries then she continued to kick us out of the house haha… people.

Friday we had a pretty good day!  I don't remember what we did though.

Saturday we went to Carthage to go visit a lot of less actives.  We first went to President Comans house for cake and ice cream and by the time we were heading out to visit everyone, they had all cancelled on us… so, we just went to 2 families houses that we hadn't planned to see and had a really good visit with one of the families!

Sunday we were debating going to Madison or Raytown and we decided to go to Madison because we hadn't been there in a while and then we got a text at like 11:30 telling us that Sister Bonney and her kids, a part member family we have been working with,  came to church!  Which was really good that they were there but I was sad that we weren't there with them!  She said that they would be back next Sunday so that is good!
Dinner with the Bradburn Family!

So this week we were at one of our investigators house and we were having a really good lesson with them.  Wanda has been going through a lot of hard things and had been really sick.  The whole lesson kinda just led to them asking about the laying on of hands for healing so we taught them about priesthood blessings and gave her a blessing and while I was giving her a blessing she started yelling in tongues…I was so confused and had no idea what to do.  I felt like I had been violated because of it, like I didn't have the spirit with me anymore.  I felt sooo bad after it happened.

What do you do if this happens?!?!?!

I have learned a lot since being District leader!   It has been good for me!  Elder Pierre- Louis is awesome.  He is a funny kid.  I have really enjoyed being with him!  It's been a good change!  We are meeting with Joseph again tonight.  Wonda has been doing alright.  She is crazy haha but her fiancé is cool and normal:)  It was pretty cold here the other day, it actually snowed for a little bit!  But it was like for a few minutes and not really even a snow.  Elder Pierre-Lois hates the cold!  It really wasn't that bad and it's supposed to be back up in the 60's this week.  The weather is soooo weird.
Elder Pierre-Louis doesn't like the cold!

I'm great!  The only thing I need is to start eating vegetables haha.  I haven't eaten very good lately…

Hope you are all doing great!:)
I will talk to you next week!!:)  Love you , have a great week!   Thanks for all that you do!:)
Love you!
Elder Larsen

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