Monday, February 1, 2016

The Car Died.

Hello Everyone!  How are you all doing??

Lunch at The Alhaltehs Store!

This week was a little rough for us haha.  Tuesday it was raining.  We were on our way to exchanges and I stopped at Men's Wearhouse to drop off my suit pants.  I ended up getting new pants and when we walked outside to leave, our car wouldn't start.  We couldn't get it with the jumper cables so we had to call the tow truck, then the tow truck guy came and had a portable battery.  What do ya know it worked….. We still had to go to Firestone to get the car looked at so we did absolutely nothing on Tuesday.  The 5 minute drop off turned into an all day event.

Wednesday we had District meeting and it went pretty well!  After that we were finally able to go on exchanges!  There's always so much to learn from them!  I went with Elder Vest!

Thursday we went to visit Joseph and when we got there he told us to walk to the park with him.  I guess he and his girlfriend were fighting.  He told us that he had talked with her about getting married and the Word of Wisdom and stuff so that is awesome!!

Friday we went and helped some people in the ward move.  They are moving into this nice barn, it's actually pretty cool!
Selfie Sportin my Karren Farms Shirt!

Saturday we continued to help them move and then we tracted for a little while!  Wonda and her fiancé TJ, they are awesome and really open and receptive, turns out last week Wonda like passed out because she drank to much and she is now in rehab….. Hopefully we will get the chance to see her again!  The high school kids were out playing basketball and so we stopped and played with them again.  It was funny because they remembered me and were like "HEY it's Kevin Love, he's back!" hahaha.

Sunday we went to church and then we went to visit a less active family.

The weather has been pretty warm here.  It's back to short sleeves.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve, and even though we don't make a lot of progress with people, I am glad to be here!
Beautiful Day in Mississippi!

Thanks for everything!
Love you all!:)
Elder Larsen

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