Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hey Everyone!!

Hey Mom!  Our week was pretty good!  Valentines Day was just another day haha.  But HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

This week was a good one!  We had a lot of great lessons and also a really good Zone Conference that will hopefully make a big change in the mission!

Tuesday we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Crouch.  We went and did service at a food place where they box like 1000 boxes of food to send to different people a day!

Wednesday we went to Zone Conference and learned a lot about how we need to be planning.  It was a really good meeting!!  I learned a lot.

Thursday we had a really good day.  We had a lesson with a member referral and then we had another member come out with us later that day.  It makes a huge difference when you have members with you.  That night after we came in we heard a knock at our door and the Sisters drove all the way to Canton for our service game that we are playing.  They were dressed up as a reindeer and as a christmas tree and started singing missionary versions of Christmas songs that they had made up it was pretty funny!  We couldn't think of anything funny to do to them so we just gave them some candy haha.

Friday we weekly planned for what seemed like forever.  Then we had a lesson with Joseph and he asked some questions and then we talked about the importance of covenants and told him that there was going to be someone making a covenant with God at church in Sunday and then we asked him "Will you come to church with us to see this person get baptized?"  He then said "Ya that seems important but, in the spirit world the people there in prison will have a chance to learn right?"  Elder Pierre-Louis said "Ya that's all true, but what we are really wondering is if you will come to church with us tomorrow?"  Joseph said "Come back tomorrow and I will have my answer for you."  It was kind of funny how he was just trying to change the subject.

Saturday we went back and he had went fishing.  I don't understand why people won't just be straight up with us and say no.  Other than that we had a pretty good day.
Dinner with the Davin Family!

Monday we were able to go bowling.  I don't think I have ever been so excited for something on a P-day haha.  It was fun!!  The weather was pretty bad yesterday.  There was a tornado that almost touched down here but it never did.
Bowling Fun!
Lesson with the Ritter Family!

I don't know what will happen with transfers.  We find out on Saturday, it will be interesting to see what happens!!:)  It's crazy, 3 more transfers and I will have been gone for a whole year!

Thanks for everything-
Hope you are all doing great!  Love you!!

Elder Larsen

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