Monday, February 8, 2016


This week was pretty eventful!
We went to the zoo as a district for pday!
This ones for my friend, Elder Parrish(Giraffe) serving in New York!

I came up with this service game to help our district be more unified and this is what one of the sisters did to us haha! ...

We had a really good lesson about charity and unity in District Meeting and I think it turned out really good. We just read John 17 with them and discussed the importance of being one just as Christ and God are one. It went really well. We also had a practice at the end of the lesson where people sat in the chair at the front and we went around the room saying 1 thing we loved about that person!

We got dropped by our only investigator on Monday. He told us that his girlfriend didn’t want us to come by anymore...

Tuesday it was pouring rain. We were able to contact a referral though and it ended up being an awesome lesson. Khaleria and her mom Victoria both had a lot of questions and we were able to teach them about the plan of salvation. It was really good!!

Wednesday there was a ton of flooding and there were 2 tornados that touched down here in Mississippi and in Alabama. Luckily our little shack is still standing haha:)

Thursday we had a pretty good day! We were able to meet a lot of really good people and teach a few good lessons.

Saturday we went on exchanges with the AP's and as always I learned a lot! I went with Elder Hainsworth and then Elder Hendrickson and Elder Pierre-Louis went together! We tracted a lot, and then the others had some good appointments. While they were going to another appointment by Josephs house they saw his girlfriend and she told us to go back and see him. During that lesson he basically told them that he knew the church was true so hopefully we don’t blow our 2nd chance!  We will try and keep seeing him! His girlfriend told him to stop having us come over but she then told us to go back so we will see!

Sunday we went to church and then went to the Bradburns! They are awesome! They cooked some good food for us and we even got to watch a little bit of the Super Bowl! The part that I saw was pretty exciting but I bet after that it kind of dwindled out.  It was really tempting to go sit inside Pizza Hut and watch it after we left the Bradburns haha!:) Granny would be happy Peyton got another one!
The Awesome Bradburn and Alhalteh Families!!

This week was smoother. The work is just super slow and its soooo hard to get anyone to see the importance of the gospel!  I love being able to serve and the spirit that I feel here. There is nothing better than feeling like you have touched someone’s life.  I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve! The time is going by quick!  We have a few appointments tonight, and we have Zone Conference on Wednesday, so we will go to Clinton!

I am doing great! I have probably learned the most this transfer than any others it’s been good for me!  D&C study is going good I have learned a lot. The Lord is very blunt. If you do this then you have this blessing, if you don’t then you are going to be hating life haha!

As I have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants there have been a few verses that have stuck out to me in Section 19:31-32

31 And of tenets thou shalt not talk, but thou shalt declare repentance and faith on the Savior, and remission of sins by baptism, and by fire, yea, even the Holy Ghost.
32 Behold, this is a great and the last commandment which I shall give unto you concerning this matter; for this shall suffice for thy daily walk, even unto the end of thy life.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ should be the most important thing we as missionaries talk about, look at the first lesson, The Restoration of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.  As we teach the Restoration we should be focusing on the Gospel being restored to the Earth.
Next is Section 1:21
21 That faith also might increase in the earth.
The Restoration brought a new sense of faith to the earth. Because of Joseph Smith people would have the opportunity to "know the only true God and Jesus Christ". Our ultimate purpose should be to increase the faith of those around us whether it be something as simple as asking someone to check out or whether it’s asking them to be baptized. Whether its asking a member, active or not, to read a chapter of scripture or to invite their friends to hear the gospel. Any simple invitation could change someone’s course in life!

Love you all!
Thanks for all that you do! You’re the best!!

Elder Larsen

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