Monday, March 21, 2016

And Then There Were Three

Hey everyone!  

This week was extra hectic because I am now in a trio covering 2 areas. Elder Lovell got moved because of his leg so now he is traveling the mission and teaching missionaries. This will be a good thing for him!  I am with another set of Spanish missionaries. Elder Hernandez and Elder Rasmussen. The past few days have been crazy!!! I have been doing good though! We are set to do a lot of service because of all the flooding. There were 10,000 homes that were flooded and they weren’t done counting them. Some of them still have water in them! Its so crazy!!!:)  We will be helping with cleanup for a few more weeks!
Elder Rasmussen and Elder Hernandez!
Wednesday we had Zone Training meeting. It was good, we taught about how we can more effectively use the Book of Mormon with the members! It went really well. 
Shreveport Zone

Thursday we had to drive to Jackson and back because we had to drop off Elder Lovell. I am now with Elder Hernandez and Elder Rasmussen for the next 3 weeks. Elder Hernandez is acting as the Zone Leader and will be helping me out. He has been a Zone Leader before. The changes have been pretty crazy but its been good. It puts me in a position again to kind of do things the way I like which is good and to learn from Elder Hernandez, he likes to do things the way I do which is also good.  We are still living in the same place. They moved in with me!  I still have the same responsibility. That hasn’t changed at all!:)

Friday we were able to go and do service all day with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Crew. We met at their church which was full of drum sets, guitars, TVs, X-Box's, popcorn machines, soda, and coffee machines. It was so nice haha. Then they fed us breakfast and sent us to work. We were working on 1 house for 6 hours. It was so bad. In the house it just smelled like crap and was really gross. The flood water wasn’t even water. It was like oily and muddy. SO BAD. But we got to play with crow bars and destroy some stuff.

Saturday we were on exchanges so we had some good work done. In one appointment we were with a man named Kurt and his family. Last time we saw them we had them read 2 Nephi: 32-33 and he did and noticed exactly what we wanted him to about prayer. So we re-read the 2 chapters over with him again and at the end we had him say a prayer and ask if the Book of Mormon was true. It was so awesome. The spirit was super strong. At the end he asked us for more powerful chapters like that. It was super good!

Sunday we had church and then we also visited Sister Osburn in the hospital. It made me think of Granny, she reminds me a lot of her.  It was sad sitting in there and thinking back.  Its crazy that she has been gone for 1 year now.  Man, how grateful I am for the truth of eternal families, and how grateful for a family that lives worthy of this promise. It really puts into perspective what I want in my family when I grow up and how I want to live my life. I am thankful for those examples I have.
Osburn Family!

Thanks for everything! Hope you had a great week!

Elder Larsen

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