Monday, March 28, 2016

Super Good Week!

Hello everyone!!

This week was super good!

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference which went really well. Everyone learned a lot and hopefully will be able to implement what they learned. We were in front of 2 zones.  I had to conduct and I almost died because I was nervous haha!  After that we had 4 other companionships staying overnight with us so we then triple worked our area and sent the other companionship to the other Elders area. It was pretty crazy haha!
Elder Wells!  My Companion from the MTC!
 Thursday we went and did service. While we were at the Baptist church eating breakfast their Chaplin came and gave us a 10 minute sermon on how we weren't allowed to talk to people about God we were supposed to refer them to the Chaplin that was with us... It was interesting.   They don’t really like us talking to people about the gospel so that’s a little difficult.  Doing the service I always feel so bad. The house we were at had 6 feet of water in it. They lost pretty much everything. Its so sad to see that happen to families. They are always so grateful for our help.

Friday Brother Inman came out with me to visit an investigator. He ended up not being home so we just played basketball with his kids outside. It was pretty fun. I felt bad that Brother Inman was just there playing and that we didn't get to teach.

Sunday we had a super good church meeting and then we went to the Spanish Branch Easter party. I can always tell what they are talking about but never specifics hahaha. Then they fed us some authentic Mexican food. It was like this soup with rice, shrimp, fish, and a whole mini crab in it. I was looking at it like, you want me to eat this?????????????!  It was a sight to see haha but luckily it didn't taste bad!!

We are leaving to go get my haircut, then we are going to play basketball at the stake center.  I have been good!  Last week was hectic but it was good!  It was just busy, so much going on!  We did more service on Thursday and Friday.  We made it to Buffalo Wild Wings and bought 30 dollars of wings!  We got to watch the first half of the Oklahoma basketball game!  Sister Osburn was in the hospital because she had an infected toe and they had to cut part of it off!  This week we go to Jackson!  We have MLC again. 

How great is our God.  Something I have been working on is simply strengthening my faith.  I have gotten so caught up lately in the administrative part of things that I feel like I have started to lose focus.  This week I learned the importance of just focusing on the simple things of the Gospel. I love being able to serve and learn more and more.  I am grateful for the chance I have to serve and learn more of what the atonement really is and the role that it plays in life.

Love you all!
Elder Larsen

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