Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Week!

Hello everyone!!  

This week was great!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges and had the chance to go and do some service. We helped paint some tables for homeless people that are moving into houses now.

Wednesday we went to 2 district meetings and were able to see how things were going throughout the Zone. We also were able to give Jonathan's mom a blessing (she is a Non-member). It was cool to see how grateful his family was for us to come and give her a blessing.  She was breathing super hard and had a really hard time talking but when we put our hands on her she calmed down almost instantly it was really cool.

Thursday we went to Jackson for MLC and discussed policies with everyone. It was cool because President Olson had looked up in a book how the Quorum of the 12 do their counsels and make decisions… that is what we based ours off of and we actually came to a conclusion this time. It was awesome haha!

Friday a lot of the same stuff at MLC and then we just headed back to Louisiana!

On Saturday and Sunday we just watched conference. It was great to be able to hear from the church leaders. I am so grateful for their testimonies and the guidance it gives us all!
Christian (my cousin) opened his mission call!!- He's headed to  California Long Beach and I  couldn't be more excited for him to start his journey!

We had to go shopping and then we are now going to some other Elders apartment to hangout for a bit.  Today as been crazy. This week we have a zone meeting and we are going on exchanges, other than that it should be another normal week!  I am trying to find a way to watch part of the game tonight haha... I think we got it worked out. We are going to a members home that is going to have it on and will watch a little bit with them! 

I am excited for transfers, even though I have enjoyed this adventure, transfers will be a good thing!

Love you all! Thanks for everything!
Elder Larsen

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