Monday, September 19, 2016

We Gon Get the Gold!!

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone is doing well! Here in Mississippi its hot, humid, hot, the food is good, people like football, and its hot! So lately we have had a lot of good grillin' from people having BBQs as we walk down the street and we’ve gotten all the SEC football and NFL updates as we go door to door.  We have had some pretty funny experiences lately!  We were teaching a guy named James Spann and you could tell something was a little off with him from the beginning. We later found out that he had had a stroke in his lifetime but, we were talking and he was asking a lot of really good questions. He was asking about things like the after life and what happens to us and how we get into heaven and things like that. My genius companion Elder Beckstrom was relating the 3 kingdoms of glory to  gold, silver, and bronze and told him that what he needed to do to get there. James ran with that and the rest of the time we were talking to him he was like "Uh huh! We gon get the gold!" It was so funny! Of course Elder Beckstrom went baptist on him and started hyping him up and the last thing James said before we left was "We gon get the gold!  Michael Phelps ain’t got nothin" as he was yelling this Elder Beckstrom was running down the driving fist pumping hahahahah. It was pretty dang funny, but maybe you just had to be in the moment idk. We also had a 4 year old girl come up to us as we were tracting and say “Ya'll white." haha what the heck?? Hopefully we don’t get shot!  There is a little taste of Mississippi for you!

We had a really good week spiritually too. We were able to see some progression with Gary as we prayed to know what we should teach him and he text us after the lesson and said "Good lesson tonight. Things are starting to come together." We made contact with a part member family that we were teaching about a month ago and they even came to church. It was a really good week!

I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for your support!


Elder Larsen
Elder Beckstrom, Elder Rankin, Me

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