Monday, September 12, 2016

Successful Exchange Due to Poor Road Conditions!

This week was a fun one! We had the chance to go on 2 exchanges this week!

On Wednesday we were on exchanges with Monroe. It was fun to be with them, both Elder Rankin and Elder Vest are really outgoing and good with talking to people. So funny story, on Thursday morning Elder Vest and I were going to visit people and we saw a news lady on the side of the road and she was setting up a camera so we decided that we would go and talk to her to see if she would be willing to interview us or something. We walked up to her and started talking to her and she ended up asking us if she could interview us which was pretty funny!  We got to talk about the poor road conditions in Jackson, MS hahaha!!  It was a successful exchange because of that haha…
Elder Vest and I made the Nightly News!

On Friday we headed down to Gulfport and were able to be with Elder Bennett and Elder Bledsoe. We went and contacted people in an outlet mall for awhile and that was fun!  On Saturday morning we went to the beach with a few other missionaries and played beach volleyball, that was pretty fun as well!  It made me want to be in Cali haha!
Exchanges with Elders Bennett and Bledsoe!

Beach Volleyball Fun in Gulfport!

We headed home and had a lesson with Gary, it was a good lesson, lots of sharing opinions and so its hard to teach when that happens. We had a miracle happen on Sunday when Gary ended up coming to church!  It was so nice to have him come. After we went and helped him with some things around his house and he said that coming to church helped him a lot. He said that he feels like this is more and more true when he acts and does different things. Hopefully we can keep up this good streak with him!!

Things have been good this week, this week went by so fast!  Mississippi has been good, luckily it is starting to cool down a little bit!  Utes win!!! I heard it was pretty ugly!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!
Love you all!

Elder Larsen

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