Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello!  This week was quite the week!  We had lots of great opportunities to teach. We were able to mention the stop smoking workshop to a lady and she started it without even having to be taught.  Two of our investigators sons went on the Priest and Laurel activity overnight to Hattiesburg, on the night where the tornados happened a mile away from where they were staying! Hopefully that will be a huge point where they will have learned and progressed because of what they experienced down there!  On Sunday we once again we had 80+ people in the branch! It’s awesome to see what can happen when people get excited and apply themselves to the work.  Many less actives have come back and many investigators are coming!  The Branch President and one of his counselors even got in a home that had told us 3 different times that they didn’t want visits from the church anymore!  Jackson is a great place!  We are so excited to see where it will be in a couple months from now!

Things are going well here!  I have been feeling great and have been enjoying my time here in Jackson. This is probably going to be my last week here!  Jackson has been a good place!  We weren't affected at all by the tornados, some pretty good wind but there wasn’t any damage done in Jackson. Just south of us (in Hattiesburg and Petal) was hit pretty hard!  I am amazed by the snow coming down out back home. I am so jealous.... Don’t have too much fun skiing!

Love you all,
Elder Larsen
Zone Conference!

Tornados in Hattiesburg!

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