Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trip to New Orleans?!

Hey Mom!! I hope I will get a chance to email later today! I am doing well, I am super excited to get out and just do missionary work! I am going to Slidell and will be with Elder Suapaia. I am super excited, like I cant even explain haha. Our apartment is super nice and there is a nice gym in it. Hopefully it will be a fun area! I will email more when I get the chance.

Love you!!!

Talk to you more later!!!:)

I am heading down to Slidell. 10 minutes away from New Orleans. If I get sent home, that is why, I will have taken a trip right over the bridge to New Orleans haha. Jk but we will have to come back!!

The meeting with Elder Holland was really cool, he is a very spiritual man and is very passionate. I got to sit right next to him on the stand because I had to conduct that meeting. It was pretty nerve racking but all went well! I will have to go into more detail when I have more time but it was really cool.

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