Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SWEATIN' with The Oldies!

Hello everyone,

Time is running out quickly! It is getting hot here and it is not fun haha. The past few days were soooo hot. I get so sweaty its gross. Like I could wring my shirt out.  We had a good week this week though!  Other than being deathly hot and super sweaty we have been fine and continue to work hard. We have been praying for more teaching opportunities and the Lord has answered our prayers. We have been taking more of an advantage of the time we get to teach people and trying to make it as spiritual of an experience as we can. We were able to volunteer at the old folks home and lead a little exercise class they have. It was quite the experience haha!! A bunch of old ladies telling us we are doing the exercise wrong but it was fun haha! 

We have a few investigators with potential to progress though. We had dinner with the Mays on Sunday again. They are doing good.  Memorial Day was just a pretty normal day although President and Sister Olson came down and took me out to lunch!  Everytime an Assistant went home or got transferred they took them to dinner but when I was leaving Sister Olson was in the hospital so we didn’t get to go so it was really nice of them to make the trip down to see me.  It was so good to see them! We went to a place called Southside Cafe. It was pretty good!

Today is P-day because of the holiday yesterday.  Next week is transfers!! I am excited and hope Elder Suapaia and I both stay here!  Today we are cleaning out our car. It needs a good deep clean haha.

Hope you are all doing good!!:)
Elder Larsen

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