Monday, June 5, 2017

Last Transfer!!!

LAST TRANSFER!!! Elder Suapaia and I are staying together again!! I don’t know how but we got lucky!! Hopefully we can see some good miracles in the time we have left. I am grateful for the chance I have had to serve here in Slidell! There are a lot of awesome people here. 

This past week was good! We were able to help out at the Primary activity. There were lots of little children running around and it was pretty crazy but it went well. Each of us missionaries ran a little station and gave a short lesson on things like: choices, temples, prayer, and trials. We each had a little activity at our station as well. It was fun!

We went fishing today at a members house. Fishing takes patience and I don’t have the patience for it but it was fun hanging out by the water haha. We were throwing a ton of big marshmallows into the water trying to get an alligator to come out and eat them. Sadly we didn’t see one.... 

I am excited to work hard these last 6 weeks and hope I can make a difference in someones life. This week should just be a normal week, nothing too crazy going on.  

Love you all!
Elder Larsen
-Primary Activity we helped with
-Fishing with Brother and Sister Pete

Text from Sister May:  
He is totally focused all the time.  He seems to really be a natural leader among the other missionaries.  He’s always doing the right thing and going above and beyond.  He is a great example to the rest of them.

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