Monday, June 12, 2017

Sharing The Gospel!

Hello everyone!

Our week has been pretty good! We had 3 people come to church that are all pretty promising! We were able to be in the homes of a lot of members and try and encourage them to get their missionary work rolling. We have had 3 new families move in to the ward the past few weeks so that has been awesome!  Two of them are converts to the church and it is amazing to see how their testimonies are still bright and strong even in a new place. We meet a lot of catholics here in Slidell which is different from the rest of the mission. Everywhere else its a lot of baptist people.

We are helping out one of the members here who is 92 years old with a program he has started at the old folks home to help them hear the gospel. He has set up a time each week where we go and help him turn on the Music and the Spoken Word to play for the residents there. It is amazing to see that no matter our age or our situation we can share the gospel.

We got a new Elder here in Slidell, Elder Henderson.  He’s from Wyoming, has been out 7.5 months and is really quiet.  The weather has been pretty mild so far this summer! I know I can make it!! Luckily it is supposed to rain and be cloudy all week! Just hope it doesn’t get super hot.  We got to go to a birthday party for Trace.  He is less active and a Saints fan!!

Hope you are all doing well!
Love, Elder Larsen

-Trace Birthday Party
-Enjoying the Louisiana Heat!
-Dinner with Brother Vannorman

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