Monday, July 17, 2017

I'll See You Later Mississippi!


I am doing great!  The hardest part of my week was saying by to the Mays yesterday! Sister May and her 2 kids wrote me letters and in the letters I was told by Madelyn to make sure I write them something and she included their address. Then Sister May said how grateful she was for us and what we did for her and her family and she told me that she told the Bishop after church yesterday that she was now ready to go to the temple for the first time! So I’ll be coming back when that happens!  I was super excited to hear that though, it was like our visits over there were more than just trying to help her husband understand the gospel but it inspired her as well, it was really cool!

I really have grown and changed a lot while I have been serving here. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my parents and their support and example to me before I left. I thank them for living the gospel!!! I’m excited to come home and see them again, Seriously I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me and won’t ever be able to repay them for the opportunity they provided me with, to move down the path I have and for raising me in a home where I would be led to serve a mission and be able to have all of the experiences I have had while I was here.  I will be forever changed because of it!  Thank you so much mom and dad!

I’m excited to be home and see everyone. Its gonna be great! 

Love you!
Elder Larsen

"Wonderful day in Slidell Ward today. Elder Harvey, Elder Henderson, Elder Suapaia, and Elder Larsen are so dedicated to The Lord and his children there. Elder Larsen's last Sunday before going home."  Bro. Silas

"Enjoying Our Last Dinner Together,Elder Larsen On The Right Is Heading Home, To Be With His Family In A Week Two Years Of Doing The Lord's Work Awesome Young Man Proud To Say I Shared The Gospel With Him."  Bro. Vannorman

"We are going to miss this so much!  Sunday just won't be the same! I hope he will come back and visit someday!  He is such a special young man.  I will miss him so.  I'm thankful for the time he spent with my family.  He brought a wonderful spirit with him each sunday and has such a strong testimony he shared with us."  Ashlea May

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