Monday, August 10, 2015

First Bible Bash!

     Hi!  Things in the area are good!  Tuesday last week we had all our appointments with people and honestly I was so excited for them all and we went and not one person was home.  So that was kind of upsetting!  We handed pout 3 BOMs though.  My memory is getting worse by the day and I can't remember anything so that's pretty much all I remember from that day.
     Wednesday we had our district meeting and then went to a mexican place to eat and it was pretty good, you would have liked it!  After that we went and wrote our talks that we had to give on sunday!!  Then we went tracking after dinner.  I have had pizza for like 6 straight dinners!  I never thought I would complain about having pizza haha! We passed out 2 BOMs in the projects, the government assisted living place.  It's kinda scary area but the people are accepting and talk to you unlike most of the white people out here.
     We met this guy on thursday that I found in our area book, he was awesome, he had a cool story and was super religious and loved learning about Christ.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was flipping through it and saw Mosiah,  he stopped and was like MOSIAH!  and then went on to tell us this story…  He was walking thru the park one day with his wife and had been praying and thinking about this question he had.  He saw 2 scriptures written on the ground with chalk.  One of them was 2 Corinthians and the other said Mosiah… He kept walking and looked up the 2 Corinthians one and that kinda answered his question and then before he could get back to look at the other scripture it had started raining and the chalk washed off the sidewalk.  So I asked him what his question was and I shared a scripture with him from Mosiah  and he was like yep, there's the answer to my question!  It was Mosiah 3:19.  We rescheduled with him and meet with him tomorrow!  After that we went to some apartment buildings and met with this lady who was also in the area book and we walked in and I promise It was worse than walking through a casino because of all the smoke that was in there!!
     Friday was pretty uneventful,  we went and met with Brother Cox again and then sat down to weekly plan which takes us awhile!  Then we met with Tony and I think he is not all the way there either.    He could barely read and told us this way long story about nothing and at the end we were going to teach him but he was like come and pray with me and come visit me later so he gave us a hug while we prayed, kinda interesting.   Friday night we went to this restaurant called Papa's and it was pretty good!  we went with this guy named Bother Falvey and his family.  He is unbelievably smart and was telling us stuff that was blowing my mind!  We also got into my first Bible bash before dinner.  The guy was watching us as we were tracking the street, just waiting for us to come to him.  He had this huge piece of chew in his mouth, it was so gross…  but, he said we were to young to be Elders and was going off of the qualifications for Bishop, in 2 Timothy  I think,  and he also kept saying stuff about Revelations 22:19 and how we weren't  supposed to add anything to the scriptures.  Even though it says that same thing basically in Deuteronomy and Revelations was technically written even before John wrote the gospel of John and he was only talking about the book of Revelations.  We couldn't even say anything before the guy would  just start going off about something.  It was pretty hopeless trying to argue with him!  He told us that he was worried for our salvation and that we needed to just throw the Book of Mormon away and stick only to the New Testament.  It's like you can't tell me that this book isn't true unless you have read it for yourself!  He couldn't seem to understand that though haha!   I wish I would have known how to calmly and with the spirit show him that I didn't need to burn and throw away my Book of Mormon!
     Saturday was interesting, we met with Maize and came back to eat and after we ate we were sitting there, and usually I kind of have to push and ask what's next, like, what are we going to do next, but I decided to just let my companion tell me… And he never said anything and slept the whole rest of the day while I just read and studied stuff, and the same thing happened sunday after church.  It was frustrating but I don't know what to do about it!    Saturday night we had dinner with the Britts.  The wards here are made up of two families, the Britts and the Smiths, everyone is related to each other, it's funny.  Their little girl was funny, she was named Ember and she liked talking to me so that was good! Overall i think it was a good week!
     It is supposed to be the hottest day in Mississippi history tomorrow!  Luckily, we got the car back.  Thanks so much for the pictures!  I love seeing them!  Thank you for the package!  I also got one from Betsy.  Everyone said I did good on my talk but it might have been out of pity!   I miss having a huge ward.  Speaking and attending a small church isn't as fun, you feel like you're singing a solo because no one else is singing!  I've had stomach problems and have taken some pepto,  I probably need to take more!  We are headed out to do our shopping and eating dinner at a members house tonight!  We have interviews with the President on wednesday.  Thanks for everything!  Tell everyone that I love hearing from them and getting mail so even if it's just an update on what they did that day is good!   Love you all so much!!  Talk to you next week!!:)
Our Fridge!
A Huge spider I killed!
The highway where I live.

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