Monday, August 17, 2015

Rock Concert at Church!

Hello everyone!
     Last monday we went tracking and visited some potential investigators we talked to before.  We talked to one guy that was super drunk and told us he had a Book of Mormon.  Then he said he read the Bible while he was smoking marajuana so that was interesting!  Tuesday we were out tracking in the country and the first two doors we knocked on were ministers at a baptist church and a methodist church.  They were nice and still talked to us but didn't want anything to do with us.  We also saw a member while we were out tracting and he invited us to dinner that night.  They cooked us fish tacos and it was pretty good.   We also had dinner dropped off to us that night too!  Granny is taking good care of me haha!  While we were at dinner they asked for a spiritual thought and so I shared with them the talk that grandma sent me, it is called In the Strength of The Lord,  I think.  Elder Bednar talks about how the Atonement isn't just for sinners, it's for saints.  It is to make bad men good, and good men better, and how we can use the enabling power of the Atonement to strengthen us to overcome anything.  In it he says, "In the moments when we say no one knows what it's like, nobody knows how I'm feeling."  Christ does because he has had that moment in Gethsemane, and suffered everything that we would, not just our sins…something along those lines.  It's a pretty cool talk!
     Wednesday we had interviews with President Olsen and he is a really nice guy!  He was really complementary of how I wanted to work hard and said I could be a great missionary.  He also gave me some tips on how we can be more creative in things that we do and not just go tracking for 4 hours straight.   After that, we went on exchanges for a bit,  I went to a place called Byram.  I was with Elder Holdridge and Elder Ross,  he was pretty cool and gave me some good advice as well.  They taught me how to keep track of things better and how to change up what we were doing a little bit!!  Thursday when I got back to Brookhaven we went home teaching and met with this old lady and that was interesting because when we left she gave me a hug and kissed my cheek!  Definitely against the mission rules but that's ok she was just an old lady….
     Friday we went tracking most of the day and talked to literally, no one.  Saturday we did some service, and helped some people move out of their house.  We went tracting and tried to find some less active members.  In the branch down here there are almost 200 less active people!!  After lunch, we went back out and were able to talk to a few people but only one was remotely interested!
     Sunday we went to a Pentecostal church and that was like a freaking rock concert, it was really interesting haha!  Everyone was like dancing and singing while people were playing music on the stage. very weird.  We then went and tried to tract down some more less active people but no one wanted to talk.  It's definitely been frustrating just trying to find people to talk with but it'll be ok!  I just hope I'm doing everything I can right,  and working enough that we will be able to find people to teach!   I still haven't taught  a first lesson to anyone that is a first time investigator!
     I've started making the smoothies and It has helped my stomach!  It has been super hot but yesterday and today it is rainy which is good!!:)  There is a chance of rain basically all this week!!!!!:)  We drive a Chevy Cruz and I am grateful we have a car with how hot it's been.  We are going shopping and then there is a ward family home evening thing we are going to tonight as well!!  I haven't forgotten how to play the piano yet, don't worry:)  I hope you guys have fun, send pictures when you take them, I like to see what everyone is doing!  Have fun up in Bear Lake!  Love you!  Thanks for everything!  Can't wait to hear from you again!
Love, Kaden, Elder Larsen
Exchanges with Elders Ross and Holdridge
Brookhaven Elders!
Dead Armadillo.

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