Monday, August 3, 2015

Waterbottle Dodgeball!

Hi Mom!!! How are things???
     Sounds like an eventful week!!!  Happy Anniversary in a few days!!  I'll try and take pictures with people that I get close with!!  And no, I haven't gotten bedding yet. We will go today and get it but I've been fine.  I didn't sleep very well last night or the night before idk why but I kept waking up like every hour for some reason. It's ok though.
     So Wednesday we went out and started tracking. We went to kind of the more hood part of town. the people were pretty nice and we gave out a few BOM then we went to this one guys house and it was my turn for the door approach and we asked the guy if we could say a prayer with him so we did and then he was asking some questions about our church and he asked if we believed Jesus came as a white man and I, not knowing any better, said yes.  Elder Ah Ching tried covering for me and said "ya we believe that he came as whatever he did and that we didn't know if he was white or black." But the guy wasn't having any of it so that was the end of him.  We went on up the street and gave out another Book of Mormon and set a return appointment but the lady wasn't there when we went to visit her on Friday.
     Thursday was pretty hard. No one was answering the door and if they did answer they wouldn't talk to us. I think we only gave out 1 Book of Mormon all day. We went and visited some potential investigators that had already been contacted and only a few of them were home. There are 2 really progressing investigators that we talked with. We talked with Randy, he lived in a poorer area and just got back from Philadelphia.  He drove the whole way for a family reunion. They just got home right before we went to see them so he didn't want a lesson but he has been going to church and improving according to Elder Ah Ching.  When we were leaving his house and riding up the street we passed this house for about the 3rd time today.  They were all just chilling on their porch listening to some rap haha and they always waved to us,  but this time elder Ah Ching rode by and waved to them and they threw a freaking water bottle at me haha it was eventful haha!!  It just hit my wheel and I didn't wreck!  We went back to the apartment for a little bit to rest before our meeting with Tamora and her family.  Right when we got inside it started pouring rain.  It was coming down, and lightening and thunder was super loud.  It even knocked down a power line right by our building,  luckily it didn't ruin our power only the people down the street.  So we went and met with her and taught her a lesson about church and what happens there, missionary work, and I don't remember what else but it was good and we recommitted her to a baptism date.  She just has to go to church a few times and she will be able to be baptized.  Same with Randy.  Tamora has 2 kids, a girl who listens to us and will participate in our discussions, she likes to play basketball, and then a son who is 18 and likes to work on cars.  He needs to mature a little before he will actually listen to us I think. He liked to mess around and wasn't really paying attention to us and then he started talking during our prayer before we left.  When we left it was about 6 and Elder Ah Ching was just planning on going back to the Apartment but I said we should go tract and so we did.  We parked on this one street by the train tracks and knocked on a door and no one answered and I was like, great we're going to be out here and he is going to be mad because we came back out and no one is gong to answer the door or listen to us. Then I got a strong impression that we should go to the next street over so we did and we knocked a few more doors and no one answered or they said they were too busy and I was looking around and saw this house with a flower thing on the door, like you hang up, and the lights were on so I said we should go knock on that door and they answered.  Brian is his name and I think he is a single father with 4 little girls and he took a BOM and we have a return appointment with him tomorrow.  I just had a calm good feeling that he might actually listen to us and be there when we come back to visit.  It was awesome!!  We knocked a few more doors and no one would listen still so we went home.
     Friday we had some appointments we were going to and then no one would answer still all day so we came back before lunch and were just sitting there and I read John 15:16.  I woke Elder Ah Ching up from his nap and we said a prayer and still had very little success in what we were doing but we made it to one street that we had a return appointment on and no one answered.  So again I was like great.. But we knocked on about 7 more doors and handed our 4 Book of Mormons.  We should've handed out 5 but the lady was in her towel and was getting in the shower but she said a prayer with us so that was good.
     Saturday we went to do service and we were meeting at the church and no one ever came to pick us up.  We were supposed to meet to help someone move out of the house but no one came.  So I played the piano a little bit while we were there.  After that we went to an appointment and no one answered and so we went tracking and still no one would answer or listen to us.  We went to this one lady's house and she was a Penecostal.  When she came to the door the first thing she said was, "I want ya'll to come to my church." haha so we told her we would and talked to her a bit about that.  Then we asked if we could have a word of prayer with her so Elder Ah Ching started praying and she started saying her own prayer right along with him haha so that was really interesting.  After that we went back to have lunch.  We wrote down some potential people we could visit and went to visit them and no one was home.  Some of the houses were just gone, we couldn't even find the house.  On our way back to the house we saw Brother Cox in front of the Funeral home so we stopped and talked with him for about an hour.  He is handicap.  He has what Megan has.  I can't remember what its called. He is super nice though and we teach him lessons out of the gospel picture book and he really likes that.  He always gives us the guilt trip when we leave him.  He always says, "well what about me? are you just going to leave me here?" its funny.
     Sunday we went to church at Red Star and the ward there was a little odd.  People just stood up from out of the crowd to bare their testimonies, it was weird.  I had to say a closing prayer so that was scary.  Then we went to the Applewhites, he is the ward mission leader and is super nice. We had sandwiches and then we went to dinner at the Webbs and their family is awesome.  They have 5 kids and one just returned from a mission in Honduras and I think is trying to get into BYU.  The others are all under 12 and were super funny.  They fed us chicken and dumplings and some banana pudding thing that was really good.  We have been fed everyday except for Saturday by the members.
Wednesday we went with  Brother Brewer, after we went home teaching with him, to Dairy Queen.  I met a little black girl named Mariah that is exactly like Kaisley, she was super cute.  She said I had a cool tie and she asked me to help her say a prayer. That was pretty awesome!  Thursday we had pizza sent to us from Sister Walker.  Friday Brother Brady and his wife brought us some pizza as well so I have been well taken care of.
     I'll let you know how our appointments go with our PI's this week!  Pray for them that they will be ready for what we have to say! And will listen and act on what we tell them.  Cause yo can have all the faith in the work but it means nothing unless you act upon it!
     I ruined one of my ties, it has a stain on it from when I tried using a shout wipe on it so some more ties might be necessary and I can't remember what else I need besides some light grey pants.  Oh maybe when you send out my next package send me some dry lux round neck garments, they are supposedly nice in this weather.  Who all is getting baptized?  Will you send me their email addresses?  Except I have Emma Grace!  I got all my stuff I needed from the store, it was a pretty expensive trip but it was nice to have!  I got a lot of food and I needed soap and toothpaste and some other stuff like that!  I tried going to the post office because I got a package and it was there, but it was closed!!  My companion is good.  I'm learning a lot from him and he's a good teacher!  Everything is good.  We are getting along great and working hard!  I'm gonna go though so I will write again next monday!  Thanks for everything!  I hope things are good back home!!  Love you!!!  Have a great week!!
Our Brookhaven apartment
Riding bikes with Elder Ah Ching

The house that threw a water bottle at us!

My bed & the guitar I bought!

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