Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm still considered shy…

     Happenings this week…So Tuesday this week was interesting… We went to a less active members home and her daughter answered the door and she was just in a towel… I don't get peoples logic out here, like, if you're going to get in the shower, you don't have to answer the door!  I was also super worried because the Byram Elders were coming down to stay the night because we were going on exchanges the next day, and they came before lunch.  Luckily we just double worked the area,   I thought for sure would just be sitting around all day but we didn't so that was good!!  We got fed by Sister Knight and she fed us roast and some salmon and had a huge thing of vegetables…..Luckily the vegetables weren't that bad haha!  After that, we went on about a 45 min. car ride to a members home to teach his wife and his daughter!  They had cockroaches everywhere in the house and the floor was just plywood, it was really interesting.  I didn't sit down and I didn't put my bag down on the ground either.  But, we committed both of them to a baptismal date so that was cool!
     Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went up to Byram-  we didn't have anything exciting happen but one of the Elders is from Tonga and is massive!!  He works out like twice a day!!  gosh.  I worked out with him and my arms are still sore--haha it was so bad.
     Thursday we went back to Brookhaven and then got ready for zone conference.  We had to clean the car and the apartment good.  I hate cleaning!  I went and got my haircut from Walmart again and I don't like it-- it is so scary!  The lady just starts chopping at your hair and is really careless haha,  I was so nervous but it looks fine!
     Friday was zone conference and all the trainers had to introduce their new missionaries and Ah Ching introduced me,  he started talking and said a bunch of stuff about me and how I liked to go boating and skiing with my family and was planning on going to Snow to play football, and then at the end was like, "and he is really a pretty shy kid so everyone make sure you introduce yourselves to hi," haha.  Both of the older sisters who talked, Sister Hardgrave and Sister Olsen the mission presidents wife-- called me out, and used me in their talks too!  What the heck?!?!  They were nice and just using me as an example.  When we got home it was pretty late sand we went over to the football game.  Brookhaven lost but it was still pretty fun.  It's always fun to see the competition outside of Utah!  Watching them just made me that much more motivated to stay somewhat in shape so that I can come home and play right away!
     Saturday, the Hazlehurst elders had a baptism and like 5 minutes before it was supposed to start, the kids mom called and told them that she didn't want him to be baptized anymore, so that was sad.  One of the people up in Hazlehurst had President Bubert as their mission president!!  We then went and visited some potentials on a street and were able to talk to a few and thence both just kinda started walking to to this door that wasn't on our list, and knocked on it and she told us to come back on sunday.  That was a pretty cool way to find someone!  Then we got fed by the Maxwells and you'll never believe what happened hahahaha!!!  Sister Maxwell went to high school with you guys and graduated with you mom hahaha!  It's a very small world!  He name is Crystal Apgood.
     Sunday we went to church and Sister Dalton is a recent convert of a year who just went through the temple for the first time last week, and it was really cool hearing her bear her testimony!  We had to give her a blessing last saturday night because she was like sick, worrying about it, and she said that it helped her out a ton!  After church we went to a linger longer at the other ward and took Donovan (Brother and Sister Webb son) with us to go find less active people.  We took him to see the lady we found on saturday(Christina).  She sat down with us and was pretty interesting.  She started going about all her past drug problems and stuff but said she was looking for where she needed to be, and looking for a church to help her find her way so that was perfect!  After that we went to a less actives house and the weirdest thing happened… they had about 8 dogs inside and 1 outside who all started freaking out and when we got there and we knocked on the door and they started freaking out even more.  Then like 30 seconds later the dog that was outside jumped under the house and the dogs inside were quiet like instantly.  It was really weird, even after I knocked again, they didn't do anything.   Very interesting!!
     Things have been good with my companion!  The weather has been nice this week, and the humidity is only like 50% instead of 1000%!  haha but no rain!  I got the package, thanks so much!!  We are headed to the store, what else canI buy that is healthy to eat?  We have quite a few appointment set up this next week so hopefully they are all home!  Anyway, hope you all had a great week!
Love, Elder Larsen
I forgot to take good pictures this week!  Here's one of me!

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