Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Survived My First Transfer Week!

     Hi I'm alive!! On Monday we had a cool finding experience, we prayed that we would find a family that we could teach and we were going to see a lady who was in the area book previously, so we knocked on the door and this guy answered and we asked if the lady lived there and he was like no, so we kept talking to him and told him what we did and asked if we could say a prayer with him and he was like no its ok, we're good, and his wife was sitting on the couch and she was like no, let them come in, everyone can use a prayer. Turns out they have talked to the missionaries before and have 2 Book of Mormons and read them sometimes. They had 2 little kids, so there is the family we prayed we could go and see! It was awesome they said we could come back and talk with them again!
     Tuesday was pretty rough, we didn't talk to anyone all day, no one wanted to listen but then we knocked on this one door and a lady came out and started talking to us and had a ton of questions, she was wondering who was the Jesus Christ we believed in haha, and she said she was looking for a new church and was super interested in learning about what we believed! She didn't believe her church taught all the right things so its like well...here we are! Read this book and we will come back and talk to you haha! Then we went to the Oglesby for dinner and a lesson. They had some really good questions about where we are going after this life and that was a good lesson, except during it their 2 little kids were running around and I couldn't concentrate! I blanked like 3 times, it was bad but they are still moving towards their baptismal date in 2 weeks. And Elder Ah Ching is getting transferred. I wasn't very stressed about anything because I had him to lean back on, but I am getting an Elder who has only been out one transfer longer than me, so we will be 2 brand new missionaries trying to figure out everything and make sure the Oglesby are ready for their baptism, thats what I am most worried about. Oh ya, and that GPS I asked about, I might be needing that, so if you could send one that would be great haha!!
     Wednesday was our last DDM together because our district is getting split, that was kinda sad! But after that we went and taught a lesson to Randy, and then to Tamora about the importance of church. They just won't come to church! They don't think it is necessary and I don't know how we can help them realize that it is something they need to do!! We went to some apartments after that and all the little kids came running up to us, there was probably 20 of them talking to us asking for pictures. We ran out and told them we would come back, but we went there and played pass and talked with all the little kids for about 20 minutes haha. We had a guy call us and ask about the stop smoking program and I was looking over it and it's crazy, it's designed to help people stop smoking in 7 days... So if you know anyone that wants to stop smoking call them and get them with the missionaries!
     Thursday we had apartment inspections and then went tracting after that and we talked to a blind guy. Apparently his son is going over seas to teach people about Christianity illegally haha... Then we went back to the Apartments and all the kids were there again and all of them wanted us to talk to their moms so we went and talked to all of them and rescheduled with 2 people! That was kinda funny, we are getting referrals from little kids! haha. 
     Friday we went tracting again and we talked to this 1 lady. The lady let us in and started talking to us and let us say a prayer with her and while we were praying she started crying. It was pretty cool, the spirit was super strong hopefully she is there when we go back!! That night we went to Brother Wests, he is a less active guy who has got himself into a pretty crappy situation, he started going off to us about things that had happened in his life, drugs and his divorce and stuff, it was really interesting. He was the blackest white guy you will ever meet haha!
     Saturday we went to Tamoras house and did about 3 hours of service. We helped clean up their yard and stuff! After, we stayed for a little bit and played basketball with Tamaya.  After that is when we found out Elder Ah Ching was getting transferred. We went to Backwoods Bayou for dinner and then to the Hazlehursts baptism, that was a cool experience!
     Sunday we went to the Red Star ward which is nice because there is more than 30 people at church haha! We went to the Applewhites for lunch and taught the Oglesby again, they are still progressing great!! We went to dinner with the Webbs that night, they are just an awesome family!! They take great care of the missionaries!! 
     Yesterday Elder Ah Ching finished packing and then we had to go say bye to everyone, it's kinda sad, haha, it's like saying goodbye to people forever haha!!
     My new companions name is Elder Davidson and he is from Idaho! He’s supppper quiet so getting to know him might be a little difficult but we will see! Ah Ching is going to Shrieveport! He was surprised! And yes pretty sad! I am sad, I liked him, we got along really well!! I am sad and stressed out haha!  I’m just worried about getting the Oglesby baptized, once I have that figured out things will be good!!:)  Sister Webb is heading to Salt lake this week to go to the oil thingy convention, do you know what I am talking about?? I will give you her cell if you are bored give her a call sometime and take her to dinner haha! She gets in tomorrow night and then comes home Saturday!!  I’ve been eating pretty good, lots of chicken! I have been blessed and have not had to eat anything crazy. Granny is looking out for me because we honestly get fed more than any other area in the mission! How are things back home?? I have a letter so be looking for that in the mail! I hate saying goodbye haha!  Love you guys hope you have a good week!!:)

Love, Elder Larsen

Our District!

Elder Rankin- We get along well!

Out tracking with Ah Ching! Gonna miss him!


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