Monday, August 24, 2015

I gave my First Blessing!

     Hello Everyone!  This week was pretty good!  On Tuesday we went on splits with the zone leaders, and didn't have a lot of success.  We had a dinner appointment that night and ditched the zone leaders at our apartment and went and ate without them! I felt kinda rude haha but they knew we had an appointment!
     Wednesday we had a DDM (district meeting) and had to give the car to the Hazlehurst elders to use, so that was sad.  We will get the car back on wednesday.  We did some tracting and again didn't have much success, but we had a lesson with Leshea.  She was an investigator that Elder Ah Ching had taught before I got here and we taught her the restoration again and recommitted her to a new baptism date so that was good!!  We went to the young men's activity that night and taught a lesson on missionary work, trying to get them motivated to go on a mission.  I don't know how well that went though because they just wanted to leave and were on their phones the whole time!  We played basketball with them too and it was awful basketball!!  They were like tackling each other and traveling,  it was very interesting!
     Thursday we met with Brother Cox again.  I think he loves our company.  I think he is a pretty lonely guy for the most part which I feel bad for him.  It's good that we go talk to him every week!  We also went to give this old man a blessing.  He had fallen down and was in the ER.  It was the first time I'd given a blessing so I was super super nervous and like stuttering and stuff, but the old man came to church on sunday!!  It was awesome!  The power of the priesthood is real!!!  We ate at the Cracker Barrel and that brought back some memories of going there in Philadelphia!  It was kinda funny!!:)
     Friday we went and talked with 2 ladies we tracted into, one of them was Louella, she had a lot of questions and seemed pretty interested. The other was a less active member who moved to Florida and back, and had joined a Pentecostal church.  We could have started some pretty interesting conversation with her because of her new beliefs but we decided that we better not start bible bashing with her so we told her we would come back!  While we were tracting it started pouring rain!!  We were soaking wet by the time we got back to our apartment!  It was nice for it to be a little bit cooler tho haha!  We had dinner with the Webb family.  They are awesome!  It's a lot easier to relate to them because they are one of the few younger families that come to church.
     Saturday we didn't have much going on.  We met this guy who talked to us for like an hour just about sports and what we were out doing,  he was really nice and he told us we could come back and meet with his family!!  We went back to our apartment because it started to rain hard and we didn't want to end up like we did the day before!
     Sunday we went to church and were expecting two of our investigators to be there but they didn't come which was disappointing and sad.  After church, we went and had dinner with the Weeks.  Their house was freaking huge and they had a huge dining table and dining room, it was almost uncomfortable because it was so nice!  I felt bad for Sister Weeks because she has three kids who are grown up and inactive, and one kid who lives with them, who she says would be inactive if he wasn't living with them.  They did family home evening, family prayer, scripture study, and everything while they were growing up and none of them are active in the church.  It was kinda sad.  We went to the Stake priesthood meeting with Brother Weeks and his son Braxton and the talks that were given were talking straight to them- it was kinda crazy listening to them and how it could apply to their lives. Hopefully the son was listening.  He rode the whole way to and from the meeting with his headphones in his ears.  That whole meeting was about fathers and their relationships with their sons.  It made me so grateful for the dad I have!   That I don't have to ride with my headphones in my ears while we are in the car.  Those were some of the moments I looked forward to most, just being with dad, whether we were in the car late at night driving with the boat to come meet everyone else in Bear Lake, or whether we were sitting on a ski lift trying to figure out which run to take, those are some of my favorite memories.  We always had such a good time and I am so grateful for that!
     We get fed by the members almost everyday!  I have been eating chicken, pasta, smoothies, toaster strudel, pork, and I have had some vegetables.  Spinach, tomatoes and lettuce!  I am adjusting to things, they are getting easier and seem to be coming more natural to me!  I have been doing push-ups and sit-ups every morning and I started jump roping recently!  Hopefully it helps me not to gain 3000 pounds! I got an invitation to Emma Grace baptism but I'm not going to be able to go! :(  haha.  It was sure cute tho!  We are just heading back to our apartment and we have a dinner later today!  I hope you all had a good week!  Love you so much!!  Thanks for everything!:)
Having fun with the Webb family!

Made it back in a major rainstorm!

Ben(Elder Fowers) sent this to me from one of the times I saw him at the MTC!

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