Monday, September 21, 2015

2 months down/ First baptisms!!

Hello Everyone!!

  Monday after Pday was over we went down to the Oglesby's for dinner and a lesson.  The kids were a lot calmer this time!:)   The lesson went well and they were still moving along great!!

Tuesday we had a below average day.  We didn't talk to very many people.  We went and visited the guy that let us watch some football with him. Luis.  The first thing he said was "sorry fellas, I saw a thing on the news about a polygamist mormon who had 75 wives or something like that.  We told him that he wasn't a mormon and that was something we didn't practice but he handed the Book of Mormon back to us and closed the door… after that we went to dinner with the first counselor in the bishopric out at Red Star, Seth Britt is his name.  We had wings!  They are an awesome family! They have a little 4 year old girl who is super funny.  I can make good friends with all the little kids because of all the little candy Betsy sent me, I always give it to them!

Wednesday we had a referral to basically a homeless guy that some members had met and put up in a hotel.  He had no car,no money, nothing, and was trying to get up to Montana.  We went and visited him on tuesday and he was good to talk to and all that, but not very interested in religion.  He saturated smoking while we were there haha…and when we went back on wednesday, he wasn't even there.  While we were tracting, we ran into a super drunk catholic dude who started swearing up a storm at us!  He was so confused on why we were doing what we were doing and why we would leave everything for 2 years.  It was interesting.  For dinner we went with all the young women in the ward to Dairy Queen.  The members take great care of us!!

Thursday none of our appointments were home so we went to get our car fixed because one of the tires was flat.  It took them 4 hours to fix it!  We had the Oglesby's interview that night as well and luckily we made it to that.  They both did great and were a lot more comfortable than I thought they would be. It was good to get that off our shoulders and out of the way.

Friday was a pretty good day.  We tracted a lot and met some really nice people and were able to teach them and get some return appointments with them.  While tracting we ran into a lady that had taken the discussions before and started a mini bible bash hahaha… She started going off about the name of the church and how it had to be the name of Christ.  She started pulling out scriptures that she had memorized like the one that says you aren't supposed to add anything to this book.  It says the same thing in Deuteronomy and so I started pulling out my bible to read it to her and she was like, "nope, I won't listen to you unless you can quote it to me…." What the heck hahaha after that I was just like k cya later. I'm done.  What is more reliable, reading it from the bible, or quoting it????  People are dumb haha.

Saturday was the baptism!!  It was a great day!  I gave the talk on baptism and shared my experience I had up at youth conference.  Then Heath, was able to baptize them!  (Heath is the husband/dad)  It took him 3 times to get Mary under, her elbow wouldn't go under the water.  Then when Michelle went, he did it on the first try!  After the service was over he said to the Bishop and I, "This is the happiest day of my life!"  It was really cool to be a part of!  Their older boy Neal is already a member,  their little boy is Shane and their little girl is Anna! They are a great family!

Sunday we were almost late to church because our ride was running late.  But we got there just in time and were able to stand in the circle and confirm Mary and Michelle!  It was awesome!  After church we went to the Bishops house to eat, and then for dinner we went to another dinner appointment haha!  It was a good week!!

Man I'm jealous of all your fishing trips!!  Did granny get my letter I sent to her?  Everyone here was freaking out about Ole miss winning!  I think I have decided that I am going to be a Mississippi State fan though haha!  Every Ole Miss fan is stuck up.  That is crazy they beat bama though!  I'm glad Bountiful won, all is right in the world again haha!  Sounds like sports were an interesting thing this weekend!

My companion is super quiet still and most of the time he just says "I don't know" but it's alright.  I almost taught the whole restoration to someone today because he doesn't speak up.  It's alright though!! I'm feeling good!  A lot better than last week!  I have a lot of stuff that I'm still learning but I feel good about things for the most part!:)   I got a package from Grandma with great books, one about how to be an effective missionary!  It will be a lot of help!  Grandma is taking on the job of 2 grandmas great, usually once a week I get something from her!!:)  We are headed shopping and to the store down here! the branch is having a peanut boil so I guess we're going to eat peanuts tonight!!  I have been eating lots of chicken, umm pasta, sandwiches, and my stomach has been feeling normal!!  The weather has been SO hot this week but it's raining today so its been a little cooler which is good!

I love you all!  Love, Elder Larsen
The Oglesby Family!

Having fun with Shane & Anna Oglesby!

Elder Davidson and I

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