Monday, September 14, 2015

The Hardest Week Yet!

Hello!! How are you!? How has your week  been?

Tuesday was transfer day and so we just sat at the church and played basketball and I met my new companion. His name is Elder Davidson from Idaho and he said he didn’t really do a lot at home but play video games.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful we all went to DDM and had a meeting and then after that nothing much happened. I have been super stressed out this week about getting the Oglesbys ready for their baptism so I spent a lot of time on Wednesday calling people to make sure everything was going ok and make sure we were all on the same page!

Thursday we had a few appointments but other than that we didn’t really do anything, we wrote our talks and my talk was on Covenants we make when partaking of the Sacrament. While we were tracting it started to rain so that was good hah!  It felt nice.

Friday we were pretty unsuccessful, it was a pretty rough day. We talked to about 2 people all day... Even while we were tracting no one would talk to us, it was rough!  But for dinner we went to Fox's and they had the Ute game on!!! They looked pretty good. I can’t believe Britain Covey is playing! And we got a free plate of wings so that was really good too haha!!

Saturday was a lot better!! We taught some really good lessons about the Plan of Salvation. The people we taught were Micah and Nydra, both are super open and love talking to us. Nydra always marks things we show her in the Bible and stuff and always talks about talking with her Pastor so I am pretty sure she is talking back and forth with her Pastor trying to prove us wrong.... So dumb.  After that we went and talked to a guy that Elder Ah Ching and I tracted into his name is Louis he is pretty cool. He is like 70 and likes talking to us too! He asked a lot of questions about what we believe and he wanted us to bring him back a bigger Book of Mormon so he could actually read it haha.  While we were there he had on football and liked to talk about that so it was nice to be able to talk about that kind of stuff! He said the Utes won and went on about some of the other games! I called Brother Cox as well that night and asked him if he was going to church on sunday and he said he would come. When I called him it was like 8 and we were just sitting down to eat, and he said “Hey do you guys want to come over and talk??” Haha and I felt bad saying no so we went over and talked with him for an hour he is a funny guy!

Sunday we gave our talks and then after church ran out to the other ward to talk to the Oglesby for a little bit. They are so hard to teach sometimes because they always are getting off track haha... But they came to church!!  Then we ate lunch at the Applewhites with them and after that we headed off to another lunch appointment haha the members are taking really good care of us out here! I have been eating a lot of chicken, some sandwiches, pulled pork, pasta and stuff like that!  After lunch we went to teach Brice about the stop smoking program and I think it is going to work! It is supposed to help people stop smoking in 7 days so hopefully he is committed enough to stop!! Then we went and met with Louis again and dropped off the other Book of Mormon to him and he talked to us for about an hour just about sports again hahaha it was good!
The first part of the week was pretty rough but it ended good so that’s all you can ask for I guess!!
I got the package and I was so relieved to get it! This week has been the hardest one yet! I was so stressed out and worried about everything, it was so nice to hear from you. I was praying for mail all week haha! My companion is very quiet, he hardly talks to me and I try to talk to him and stuff.... Everyone is looking good, but Tamora and Randy have kind of plateaued and aren’t progressing...we can’t get them to come to church! The GPS is great thank you sooo much!!   We are a full car now so we have it all the time. The salsa was really good! It was a little peppery which was different but it was good!!! Good job making it mom!! Granny has been here helping me get through this week. I have really needed her help! We have an appointment with the Oglesbys tonight!   Their baptism is schedules for Saturday!  I have their interviews scheduled,  pray for them that they won't be to nervous!
Thanks Mom Love you so much!

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