Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Peanut Boil!

This week was pretty good!!
Monday we went to the peanut boil with the Branch! Boiled peanuts are so weird… they are like soggy peanuts and they taste like baked potatoes…they are really weird.   While I was at the library this Pentecostal girl behind me was throwing paper at me and one hit me in the head!  She wrote "open it"on it and it said "Hi, what's up?:), and before I read it I turned around and said, "Why are you throwing stuff?"- kinda sounding rude but not meaning to and then I felt bad.

I honestly don't remember what we did on tuesday,  mom says I'm getting my days mixed up haha!

We had to go all the way up to Clinton wednesday to go to zone district meeting.  I don't really like when we have to go up there for things because it takes all day and we have no time to do anything else.  We did meet with Randy and were able to talk with him about President Monson and the word of wisdom.  He said he would come watch conference with us haha but he said he didn't know if he could sustain President Monson because he had never met him, he wanted to talk to him… haha.  If I find a way, I'll make sure you're there dad!:)  After that we went tracking and talked to no one except the very last house we knocked.  We met a lady named Bresha who was looking at finding a church to get back into.  After talking with her for a little bit we went home teaching with Brother Brewer and then went to DQ after.  We had 2 dinners that night because some other members had brought us pizza!

Thursday we had a decent day, we had a few appointments, and met a few nice people.  Thursday night we had a lesson with a lady who was super interested and excited about what we were talking about and she  had shown genuine interest when we met her and set up a return appointment.  So we went back today and she said "Hi guys! You're right on time…"and you'll never guess who was sitting at her table… her Pastor lol.  I was like, oh boy, here we go haha.  We sat down and listened to him preach for like an hour.  He wouldn't let anyone else talk, but finally I just started asking him some questions.  I asked him about 1 Cor. 15:29.  He read it and was like ummm… and kind of stumbled.  "I've never gave much thought to that…"  haha, it's kind of funny peoples interpretations of the bible.  He gave me some weird answer after that.  Finally after about 2 hours we left them with a commitment to study the Book of Mormon and they said they would, so we will see.   I was so done after that.

Friday we went on exchanges with the AP's and that was good!  They are so smart and could just talk forever about surf without it even phasing them…one day, haha I will be that smart…

Saturday we had a day of service and we went up and worked in the rhino pen at the zoo.  We had to haul a bunch of trees and stuff.  I had poison ivy all over me…and almost got attacked by a ton of red wasps!  I've recovered from the poison ivy, it wasn't to bad!  After that we had a few appointments but they all fell through.  We then had dinner and got fed ribs, and BBQ chicken. It was so good! We went to this guys house, Brother Manny, he is like one of the smartest people I know, he has a whole library full of just gospel books, it's crazy!

Sunday after church we met with Brother Cox and talked with him for a while, and then had dinner and got some stew thing that was pretty good!  We had to teach FHE there so we just talked about the prophets,  It was pretty good!  Brother Falvey is also one of the smartest guys I have ever met!  he knows how to explain things about the gospel so simply.  If I got to choose someone for a teammate in a bible bash it would be him haha!

Yesterday we had to go to Clinton for a specialized training.  We came home and went to some appointments and set Bresha with a baptismal date but she definitely has some things that she needs to work through before she can be baptized!  Then we had dinner again with the Jacksons.  They have three little girls and they are all really funny!  The youngest one is crazy and is always running around.

Things have been fine with Elder Davidson, we get along good and stuff!:)  We're doing good,  I have to pry a little to get him talking but he is talking a little more!  We have been fed every night this week and we got a ton of leftovers!  I have been feeling great! It was a good week!  We set up 3 people with baptismal dates!  Hopefully everyone comes to church!  That would be amazing!

Love, Elder Larsen
Getting ready for the PEANUT BOIL!

Our service day at the zoo!

Elder Ross and I at the rhino cage.

Visiting with Brother Cox!

Zone Conference

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