Monday, April 25, 2016

Hard Work Pays Off!

This week was an interesting one! We had the chance on Tuesday to do some more service. We also taught a lesson to an awesome couple that we found, Cody and Kelsey, they are 25 and have been together since middle school and have 2 little kids. They love us coming to teach them its nice to have someone that likes us coming by haha.

Wednesday not a whole lot happened. We went to district meeting and then came home to talk about the zone and what we needed to talk to the Stake President about. We also had a lesson super good with Tom. It went really well. His only struggle is knowing that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and he is 99% sure that he is. We read Joseph Smith History with him and talked about it and then he prayed and asked if Joseph really was a prophet. It was a pretty spiritual lesson. We have another appointment with him on Wednesday and we will find out.  Then went to the meeting with the Stake President.

Thursday we went on exchanges with Elder Holbrook and Elder Lindsey. Elder Holbrook is from Bountiful!!!! We had a really good day together. We had a church tour with a few of our investigators and the Osburns came it was really good!
Elder Holbrook and I

Friday we weekly planned and then we had a ward party that we were able to go to.
Having fun at the ward party!

Saturday we did a lot of tracting and such. We also had a lesson with Kurt and when we got there he had one of his friends there who liked to talk. He went off about Adam and Eve, and some crazy stuff about God. We started to teach and then he started talking again about who knows what, the spirit was definitely not there. We told him that we were there to share our message and weren't there for him to bash with us. So we just got up and said we would come back later when he wasn't there.

Sunday we had a surprise! So a part member family from another branch lives on the boundary for the Bossier ward and they are being taught by missionaries in the Bossier ward. They have a daughter who lives in our area and we found her and her husband the other day and talked with them about the church. Lindsey(the daughter) told us she knew that the church was true and wanted to be married in the temple. It was really awesome we were able to get a return appointment with them. Then at church the part member family from the other branch showed up and then so did Lindsey! It was cool! All our hard work payed off!

We are going to play basketball today. We are going on exchanges again later in the week but other than that we have a normal week.  I get up and exercise in the mornings. We have a nice weight set. We have a rack and a bench. its nice. I haven't been able to use the TRX here cause the trailer doors couldn't hold me up!  The weather has been getting hotter. It hasn't been to bad lately but I am not excited for summer.

I am doing good!  Elder Peck has been really good!  Things are going well here! We are starting to pick up the work. Everyones numbers have been super low the past few weeks but they doubled this week. Hopefully they will continue to do that!

A mission is a great thing. I hope you all have the opportunity to serve. You have the chance to be on the Lords errand, and the best advice I could give you is in verse 33-34. There is never enough good you can do and give your heart and mind to the Lord and you will do amazing things!  I am doing great. I am loving being a missionary!  It has been such a blessing in my life.  I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord!

Thanks for all that you do!!
Love you so much!!

Elder Larsen

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