Monday, May 2, 2016

Still Searching!

This week was really good!

We were able to teach a lot of good lessons and involve the ward a lot. We have this family that we are teaching, Cody and Kelsey, they have 2 kids who are pretty little. We have been teaching them and its so cool just to see them soak everything up. We took them on a church tour and they loved it, the only problem was their little boy was going crazy the whole time so it was hard for us, and them to concentrate.
P-Day Basketball with District
Basketball with Jonathan!

Wednesday and Thursday we went on exchanges with the AP's and that was good as always. Its always nice to learn from them. We had a good lesson with Tom. He is still searching for his answer if Joseph Smith is a prophet. He has been investigating the church for a year now and that, and drinking an occasional glass of wine are his only hang ups. We fasted with him this Sunday and it was cool to see our fasting and prayers answered. Literally almost everyone at church bore their testimonies about Joseph Smith in sacrament meeting. It was so awesome, but when we met with him after he said he still needed to search! Hopefully he continues to search for his answer.  We feel the spirit every time we teach him, he has been praying about it, but he still doesn't believe. He is a tough one.
Splits with the APs

I am doing good! Things have been good. The zone has been doing a whole lot better. I have been so tired lately.  I sleep great. I just don't get to sleep until 11-11:30. We have so much stuff to do that we just get busy and don't get to bed on time.

We had a really good week last week but sadly only one person came to church.  We go to Jackson for MLC this week, and we also have an exchange in Arkansas so we wont get to proselyte much here.
Elder Mitchell and I

I hope you are all doing well!  I will talk to you next week!


-Elder Larsen

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