Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mothers Day to My Mom!!

Hey everyone!

This week was awesome, we had a lot going on. On Wednesday we headed up to Texarkana to go on exchanges. I went with Elder Wells (my MTC companion) which was fun. It was cool to see how much we had both grown since the MTC! He is doing great! 
Elder Wells and I!

Thursday we went to MLC in Jackson. So we got in the car for 4 hours..... Not a good way to spend a day haha. Once we got there we talked about a lot of policies.
Along the Mississippi River!

Friday we talked a lot about new finding ideas some of them are actually pretty cool. It will be good to try them out. It was good to see people again and get to talk with the other missionaries.

On Saturday we had a really good day! It was the only full day we got to proselyte. We taught some good lessons and found Jessica. She is honestly golden. She has been taught in the past by missionaries and her baptismal date fell through like 2 days before it was supposed to happen. She was able to request a Book of Mormon on line and when we got there to meet her she basically asked us if she could get baptized! It was really cool.

Sunday was just ok... we got to call home and that was alright then we had a meeting to plan and prepare for Zone Training Meeting.

Just kidding!! Sunday was awesome!! It was so nice to see my family and just hear their voices again haha. I was so happy to get to talk to them. 7 more months till next time!!
Having Fun with My Family!

Time is flying by but I am loving it!  I am doing great!:)  I am enjoying myself and am loving being able to serve the people here. As well as the missionaries, that's why I love being a zone leader. Aside from the stuff we have to deal with its so awesome to be able to help missionaries succeed and see them get success. That's one of my favorite parts and I feel like I kind of left that out yesterday so I am sorry. So just know that I am doing great and loving being here.  I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve and help others have the hope that I do. Its a good thing that we have the gospel in our lives.
The Awesome Osborn Kids!

Love you!!!:) Thanks for all that you do-you are the best!!:)

Have a great week!
Elder Larsen

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