Monday, June 27, 2016

Sweatin' Bullets!

So this week was pretty crazy!

On Tuesday I hurried and got packed and then we headed off to Monroe. Once we got there I was able to ride with President and Sister Olson in the car all the way to Jackson. It was cool to be able to sit and talk with them for a while! Once we got to Jackson the craziness started.

Wednesday through Saturday we were on Exchanges with the Monroe Zone Leaders and the Hattiesburg Zone Leaders. It was fun, I was glad I had the chance to get to know them all a little better.

Sunday at the Jackson Branch. That place is so funny!  Everyone is so unique and has their own personality they are all so different. It was awesome! I am glad I have the opportunity to learn from Elder Steffensen and Elder Beckstrom it has been great the past few days! Elder Steffansen goes home next week and Elder Beckstrom will be my companion. He is from Eagle, ID. He is a funny kid! 
Elder Becktrom, Steffensen and I
Elder Beckstrom- selfie #1001

I am pretty nervous about everything else haha, I don't feel qualified to be here.  We have to transfer plan this next week so that will be interesting to see how that works, we will be picking up the new missionaries next Monday and It will be cool to get to know President Olson better. I am excited for it!!

I am studying about the Holy Ghost and the role that it has in our lives. It is interesting the relationship He has to the Christlike attributes. They go hand in hand.  The weather has been soooo hot. It is so bad.... I can’t stop sweating.  I have baking soda, and that works pretty good keeping my shirts nice and white!  My toe is good, I will be alright. I don't want to go to the doctor haha..

Thank you all for everything!

Love you!

Elder Larsen

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